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  1. AllenConquest

    [CONTRIBUTION] Nochex APC Payment Module

    I've just added an update to this contribution to pass the postage amount to the Nochex payment page as a separate value to the order amount. I think this looks more professional, and since it was available I thought it was worth trying. However, I would also like to be able to set a limit to when this option is available. Even if you get Nochex to up your limit, you still have a limit, so you need a method to prevent people using it when an order is over this value. I'll have a look at this myself, but if anyone has already got a solution I'd be happy to know. Thanks, Allen
  2. AllenConquest

    Nochex - equivalent to Paypal Pro?

    Actually the amount they require to be held for chargebacks varies. They insisted I keep £150. I'm not sure why they can't just do it like PayPal. I'm currently working on customising their page to look like my site. Has anyone else been through this process, and what is the best way to do it ? Allen
  3. AllenConquest

    Google Analytics module

    Can someone please detail what is required to get GA working with the PayPal IPN module. I have seen comments on here about people getting it working, but everyone seems to be keeping the details to themselves. Please can someone help out all the people who are unable to figure this out for themselves. Thanks, Allen http://www.healthy-living-products.co.uk http://www.mavis-crafts.com
  4. AllenConquest

    Edgeio and Google Feed

    I'm working on an update to this contribution that will add more fields such as "condition" and "product_type". I'm also working on getting it to output shipping tags to Google (although this means changing some other files too). Would you be interested in trying this out ? Cheers, Allen http://www.healthy-living-products.co.uk
  5. Hi, I'm pretty new to coding in osCommerce and I was trying to call the shipping classes from within an Admin function to determine postage. But the problem I seem to have is that the application_top in Admin doesn't point at the same place as the application_top in the Catalog (for obvious reasons). So how can I use a class in the Catalog from Admin and still get all the relative paths within the code to work correctly, or is this just not possible ? I hope that makes sense to someone out there! Thanks, Allen http://www.healthy-living-products.co.uk
  6. AllenConquest

    Ultimate SEO URLs - names disappear

    What versions of PHP and mySql are you using ?
  7. AllenConquest

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I just can't wade through 181 pages of this thread, but I'm sure it must have been asked before. Is it possible using STS to define custom content for the product_list.php page? Or has anyone added this enhancement. I want to be able to do something like the Add Multiple Products to Cart contribution, but be able to specify different content templates for different categories. Can anyone help? Thanks, Allen http://www.healthy-living-products.co.uk
  8. AllenConquest

    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    I'm looking at producing a feed for shopping.com (unless someone has already done one). However it seems that a shipping price is required for each product. I use the weight of the products to determine the shipping cost on the website, how can I use this in the feed to output the correct amount? I've had a look but can't see an easy way. I'm just hoping someone has come across this problem before and has a solution. Thanks, Allen www.healthy-living-products.co.uk
  9. AllenConquest

    shopping.com feeds

    I have the same issue as this. Has a solution been found? Thanks, Allen www.healthy-living-products.co.uk
  10. AllenConquest

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I'm trying to make a PriceGrabber feed and they want a shipping value. Like a few other people I use a value based on the weight of the products, not a fixed amount/table. How can I call/query the database to get back a shipping value for each product. I'm quite happy writing SQL, so a complex answer would be appreciated. Thanks, Allen http://www.healthy-living-products.co.uk
  11. AllenConquest

    Kelkoo contribution & Shipping

    It looks like you need to change it to use absolute URLs as well. At the moment it is output /product_info?products_id=883, but it needs to be the full URL, doesn't it ?
  12. I've installed this contribution and made all the changes to get nice output for the UK, but it would be nice if it was integrated with the shipping modules to get the cost. I use a module that calculates shipping my weight for the RoyalMail. Has anyone else managed to get the shipping cost out of a module like this for the kelkoo feed ? Allen
  13. AllenConquest

    Shipping method with subitems

    Is it possible to have one shipping method (like Royal Mail), with options (maybe a dropdown) that have 'First Class', 'Second Class', 'Special Delivery', 'Airmail', etc ?
  14. AllenConquest

    New Royal Mail First Class costs

    I see that the Royal Mail has now changed it's first class postage costs. There are individual prices for weights up to 1kg. After that it is 88p for every extra 250g. How can this be replicated in OSC ?
  15. AllenConquest

    First item plus Zone shipping

    This contribution states that it has an image for the Royal Mail. It's not in the zip file. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...arch,royal+mail