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  1. tvieira24

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I have some items that are free shipping and others that aren't, is there any way to make the feeder display free shipping while not displaying any shipping information for the paid shipping items? Currently I enter "0" in my shipping weight in order to get my website to show free shipping.
  2. tvieira24

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    I'd also like to know the same.
  3. tvieira24

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I'm having the same/similar problem. The file is generated correctly but doesn't upload, seems like it times out. When I manually upload the file and click on the link from the Google Base website the URL doesn't show up as "product_info.php?products_id=" it shows up as the product title and the "productid" number at the end.
  4. tvieira24

    Header Tags SEO

    You're correct, I saved it after it displayed that message when I clicked "Use kewords from text on the actual page" which is why it's displaying in the meta tags. I'm trying to find out why clicking the "Use kewords from text on the actual page" radio button displays *** No keywords found for this page: product_info.php?language=en.
  5. tvieira24

    Header Tags SEO

    Yes I did run the fill tags. When I goto the product edit page, the product title, desc. & keyword tags are all my product name and when I view source on the product itself (non admin) this is the tag it displays: <meta name="Keywords" content="Accessories , *** No keywords found for this page: product_info.php?language=en , Apexi Super Ground System" />
  6. tvieira24

    Header Tags SEO

    I just installed this contrib and everything seems to be working except when I get the following message in the Admin-->Page Control section when I select product_info.php from the "Select an Option" section: *** No keywords found for this page: product_info.php?language=en I don't get any error messages on the page and ran the test with no negative results.
  7. I have installed is version 1.5 and haven't tried the newer ones (1.5 is the latest from the original contrib maker). I only like to use the originals. I've used v1.5 successfully for about 3 years without any issues at all :)
  8. Pictures in the product listing as well as any picture that is made smaller than it actually is. OTF Thumbnailer creates new pictures automatically and they are very smooth and natural looking. I don't have a problem with the actual aspect ratio, I just have very grainy pictures and slower load times. OTF Thumbnailer creates a cache of all the resized pictures so load time is significantly reduces and the pictures look a lot more natural. I have additional images installed already but I also have over 2000 products that need to go up so manually creating/uploading the files is not time effective.
  9. So is anyone using this with any sort of image resizing contrib? I had to scrap OTF Auto Thumnailer but now the images look terrible when they are resized.
  10. I'm also having issues displaying the "specials" price on the main page and category/subcat pages, is there any way to do this with this mod? I noticed in the preview pictures it seems to work. I have reverted to the original index.php file and original new_products.php and neither seem to work.
  11. Does anyone have an auto thumbnail resizer (such as OTF Auto Thumbnailer) installed along with this contrib? I had the same problem webbydeb had with the images flattening out because of OTF Auto Thumbnailer so I uninstalled the thumbnailer but I'd like to use another contrib that resizes the thumbs on the spot to reduce load time and to make the thumb better quality.
  12. tvieira24

    fast easy checkout

    The only reasons I didn't follow the "upgrade" part of the directions was because I'm only attempting to combine the payment and shipping page, I do not wish to allow my customers to purchase without making an account. I'm sorry if I'm not understanding the directions properly, but if I do upgrade, will the customers still have to make an account to purchase?
  13. tvieira24

    fast easy checkout

    Frank, I'm using version 2.0. I tried upgrading to 3.1 right after I posted, but after comparing the 2 versions the only differences I found were in the "checkout_shipping.php" file, which seems to be significantly smaller than the last one. I tried replacing that file and I was hit with 3 different errors so I just went back to 2.0. I'll try once more.
  14. tvieira24

    fast easy checkout

    Hey Frank, Sorry if these questions have already been answered, I read about 25 pages and my brain is starting to hurt. I'm getting this error listed below each time I goto my checkout_shipping.php page. The UPS price listing gives me that error, but after I press refresh, the problem goes away and the normal prices list. Here is a picture: I was also wondering if there was any way to combine the log in page to the create account page. I wish to make it so the customer has to make an account, but I don't want to send them to my create account page if they already have an account, so I'd prefer to have both on the same page. Would this be possible? This is what mine currently looks like: It appears that on your test site that you have already accomplished this, but you only have it on the optional account creation part of the contrib. BTW I only installed the first part of the contrib which allows for the combination of payment and shipping only.
  15. I've been trying to find a way to remove the weight (ex: UPS (2 x 31.35lbs) ) when at the "Delivery Confirmation" page right before it gives you shipping options. I've searched all over and have become horribly unsuccesful. Thanks in advance. :thumbsup: