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  1. Priest

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Hi Jan, Thanks! I downloaded it and looked at it, and it worked, but I didn't like the idea of having to use an additional shipping module just to get this to work. Thanks to your ideas, I went seeking other solutions and finally I was able to change the code to make it work. Here's the code. And again, I want to say thank you! -Priest-
  2. Priest

    Free Shipping with first order

    If you have the Credit Class and Gift Voucher contribution installed, you can create a coupon code which offers Free Shipping. Then, you can include the code in your customer's welcome email. Just a thought... If you figure out any other way, let me know! -Priest-
  3. Priest

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Thanks, but his code won't seem to work because I'm not offering free ground shipping. I use USPS for regular shipping (much cheaper) and also offer expedited options such as UPS next day, 2nd day, and 3-day select. In your admin area, if you click MODULES > ORDER TOTAL > Shipping, you will see the option "Free Shipping For Orders Over..." When enabled, it changes the flat-rate shipping module I use to show "Free Shipping - $0.00" but, unfortunately, it hides the UPS XML shipping module also. I would like the expedited shipping options (UPS XML Module) to still be available so customers can choose between free standard shipping (if over a certain amount) or pay for express shipping. Sorry if I didn't explain it very wekk the first time. Again, thanks for your help. -p-
  4. Any update to this? I'm having a similar problem using UPS XML and the standard "Free Shipping For Orders Over $xx.xx" order total module. The same thing happens - once the order total reaches the amount for Free Shipping, the checkout payment page no longer displays the UPS XML module. I'm just bringing this up because it's pretty much the same and the fix should correct both of our issues. Has anyone found a solution or know where to start to fix this problem? So many people are using UPS XML, we can't be the only two with this problem. :blink: -Priest-
  5. Priest

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    I have tried searching through all of these pages, so I apologize if the solution has been posted and I missed it. Has anyone found a solution to the Free Shipping problem? Using the standard OSC shipping order total module, if you choose "Free Shipping For Orders Over $xx.xx" then the UPS XML module disappears completly from the shipping page. Instead, I feel it should disappear the regular osc shipping option and keep the ups xml module displayed. Anyone else having this same problem? Any solution? Thanks! Priest
  6. Priest

    Authorize - Not posting invoice numbers

    Looking for the same thing here... -p-
  7. Just curious if you were able to figure this out. I am looking to do the same thing. Thanks, Priest R.
  8. I am very much looking to do this also. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Priest
  9. Just wondering if anyone is using the new "Bill Me Later" payment service and if/how it's been integrated into your store. If you've never heard of it, here a Link. Or Link2 It's used by companies like Walmart.com, Overstock.com, Continental Airlines, etc... but is also available to smaller businesses like ourselves. I'm looking into it but wanted to see if anyone else has used this route. -Priest-
  10. I just want to reply and see if anyone has followed up on this, or used this to satisfaction. What's the details? Thanks, Priest
  11. Priest

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    Hey Joe, Great idea! Did you ever figure out to accomplish this? Or can somebody elaborate on how this could be accomplished. Thanks, Priest
  12. Priest

    Phone Orders

    This sounds like a great idea! Any idea how we get started on this? -p-
  13. Priest


    Would it be possible to setup "levels" for points depending on amount of purchase? Such as: $1 - $50 = .05 points earned per dollar $50 - $100 = .075 points earned per dollar $100 + = .10 points earned per dollar If possible, could this be included in the next release? Thanks! Priest
  14. Priest


    Hi, first let me say "Thank you" for a great mod! I was expecting a few errors but I have installed v1.50 without a single problem! It works perfectly. My only question is this: would it be possible to setup "levels" for points depending on amount of purchase? Such as: $1 - $50 = .05 points earned per dollar $50 - $100 = .075 points earned per dollar $100 + = .10 points earned per dollar If possible, could this be included in the next release? Thanks! Priest
  15. This seems to be a dying thread... 6 months or so between posts. Anyone out there serious about getting this truely integrated (and most importantly, have the know-how) please contact me! Thanks, Priest
  16. Priest

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Well, I just got 3 orders that IPN DID work and 4 that is did not work. I can't tell for sure since I only have one PayPal account (Business) and can't do a live transaction but I am quite sure that my auto-return is not working, and that is causing the problem, because people are not clicking the "Click here to continue" link. I would rather the auto-return work. If there is a way you could check out my system to see if it's working, PM me and I will give you the details and we can check it out. I don't want t make a big deal out of this if it's just a system setting but I am checked everything and it is still happening. Thanks, Priest
  17. Priest

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Well, I received ONE order last night where IPN worked. But this morning, I woke up to see that I received TWO more orders which were paid for but IPN did not work, but were paid for. In both of these cases, customers still had the items in their cart. So I had to manually change the order status and clear their cart. This may sound crazy but I believe that despite the fact that I have Auto-Return set to ON, PayPal is not automatically redirecting back to my site. When I tested, I kept being directed to the "You've Made a Payment" page after making a payment. But when I created a test business account and set everything up the same in Sandbox, it redirected as supposed to do. I think that customers just are NOT clicking the "Click here to continue" link. And PayPal isn't auto-returning to my site. What would cause this? Also, I only have ONE email address associated with my business PayPal account. And I have used that email address as both the primary and business ID. I don't believe now that "aggregate" had anything to do with the problems. Thanks, Priest
  18. Priest

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    UPDATE: I signed up for a "Developer Account" at Sandbox and then tried placing orders. I tried placing orders both with the Test/Cart mode turned ON and also with it turned OFF. Each time after payment was made, I would be directed to a "You Made a Payment" page with a link at the bottom reading: "Click here to continue." Once clicked, I was taken to the checkout_success page on my site. First off, why was I taken to the "You Made a Payment" page and not directly back to my site? I have turned on auto-return in PayPal. Secondly, even though I clicked the link and returned to checkout_success, the orders placed still remained in the "incomplete" order status. Anyone have any ideas what is happening? I also tried both Itemized and Aggregated and still the same response. IPN was working this morning. ARG! :angry: Thanks, Priest
  19. Priest

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    I installed this contrib last night with no problem at all. However, this morning I was alerted by a customer that PayPal was trying to charge the SUBTOTAL amount and not the TOTAL amount. After changing the Order Total display order, and then changing them back, and then making sure I had everything setup correctly with PayPal, I finally found the solution: change Itemized to Aggregate. However, here is the new problem. This morning, I was receiving IPNs from PayPal and things were working the way they should, except the Subtotal issue above. Now, I am not receiving any IPNs and the orders are remaining in the "incomplete" order status, although payment has bene made and I do receive the "notification of payment" from PayPal. Is this simply because I changed from Itemized to Aggregate? Is there something I need to change in PayPal? How do I test this without having to use a live account/transactions? Thanks! Priest
  20. Priest


    So it looks like the easiest thing right now is to switch over to PayPal. Last I heard, PayPal is processing cards now without requiring the customer to signup for a PayPal account. Is this true? I already have a PayPal Business account, how do I get that setup? -p-
  21. Priest

    2checkout serious problem HELP :)

    Try "search." I just went through all of this about a week ago. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=86261 Good luck. It seems nothing can be done until 2CO fixes their system. -p-
  22. Priest

    Fixing 2Checkout Payment Module

    Try "search." I just went through this all about a week ago. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=86261 Good luck. It seems nothing can be done until 2CO fixes their system. -p-
  23. I know that this may be a bit off topic, if you believe so, then I am sorry, but has anyone been able to get this contrib/USPS website to print using a Thermal Printer? I love being able to just go and print up everything quickly with the USPS website but I can't get the labels to print correctly using a Thermal Printer and because of this, well, it's the only reason I have to stay with someone like Stamps.com. :( This contrib has come a long way. Great thanks to all who have helped it along! -p-
  24. Priest

    UPS Rates

    If I use the default UPS module, the one that comes with OSC MS2, are the rates correct for UPS? Are they out of date? Is it checking them in real-time or using the rates from back when the module was first created? If this isn't the best module to show customers the current UPS rates, then what is? Thanks, Priest
  25. Priest

    Problems with UPS Shipping XML

    But how well does the default "vanilla" UPS module work for MS2? What is wrong with it or why shouldn't I use it? It seems to be displaying rates just fine. Is it out of date? Rates incorrect? -priest-