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  1. I'd like to do something very simple, but I can't. I'd like to produce a sales report which will show how much I owe each vendor. I would like a list of each of the sales in one column, shipping charges in another column, and the corresponding VENDOR PRICE in the another column, with a total of the Shipping and Vendor Prices at the bottom their respective columns so that I can tell how much to pay the vendors at a glance. How can this be done please? Thanks Martin
  2. A quick question about Vendor Reports. Is there a way to run off a report that shows a month's worth of purchases JUST from a SPECIFIC vendor? What snags on my shop is that if there is a purchase order from one customer for goods from 2 different vendors, that purchase shows up FULLY on both vendors accounts, so I can't rely on it to produce an accurate reflection of the money owed by me to that vendor for goods supplied by them. I've also not yet found where I can see the total of a) prices paid by customers and B) Vendors price (which I owe to the vendors.) A bit of help to the back-end retarded like me would be appreciated, as what I would like to do to each of my 7 vendors, once a month is to run a report that shows goods bought in that month, and what I owe the vendors for them. I don't want goods for other vendors getting in the way just because the customer made a multiple order. Thanks for any assistance Martin
  3. Thanks for that Jim One other bit of help needed. In the e-mails that are sent out with the purchases, there are lines like this: There will be at least 1 packages shipped. Through setting the system up, I know what is meant by the "Best Way" - but in the context of the e-mail, which is then sent to a supplier, it would be a bit more user friendly, IMO, if it just said "Postage & Packing" or something to that effect How can this bit of the e-mail be editid? Thanks Martin
  4. Oh, by the way, which language file ought to contain the definition of: FREE_SHIPPING_TITLE ??? It appears in the store and in admin. Thanks Martin
  5. I need some help setting up my shipping please? I currently have 2 vendors here - Enjay offer free shipping and I want them to receive and handle their orders that way. realToReel add £2 for postage and packing. I have currently assumed that if I do "Free Shipping" to all, and adjust RealToReel's handling charge to £2, then all will work out. Somehow, even though I have set shipping to Zero in Modules / Shipping, the system seems to pck up on an old £2 shipping charge, which then gets increased to £4 for RealToReel. I lost that much patience with updating the Zero Shipping cost in the Flat Rate module and enabling free shipping that I have now uninstalled all of the Shipping modules and I still get a £2 shipping charge as standard in the store. Can someone please help me with the way to get around this problem. Do I need to purge the £2 from the database somewhere? I need this site to be working properly soon, so any urgent help would be much appreciated. Thanks Martin
  6. Sorry, please ignore that last post, I've found the files in the functions folder.Thanks Martin
  7. Guys, I'm in trouble. I've installed the MVS 1.1 into the latest version of OSC and I'm getting the following erroe: The problem is that the latest version of OSC does not have a "general.php" as part of the package, so "application_top.php" is banging its head against a brick wall. How can I get around this please? Thanks in advance of your help. Martin