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  1. jacopo

    Contribution Endicia Dazzle XML Shipping

    hi, i would like to ask some clarification about osc-dazzle procedure: by using the contribution, we already figured out how to output a XML from our site and import to DAZZLE. * the problem is that the way it is now, DAZZLE will immediately try to print the imported order's labels. while ideally we would like to first import a batch of orders' info (using XML), then ideally we'd review the list in DAZZLE before printing all. Is anything like that possible? if yes, where can i find documentation? If no, any possible alternative way? how do you guys do? thanks to anyone for sharing.
  2. jacopo

    Auto Detect Country

    perhaps we can use this: http://phpclasses.dev.skypp.com/browse/package/3813.html which is based on http://www.hostip.info/ webservice my idea is: if the user has manually selected the currency, > we should store it to a SESSION variable and use it always if the user hasnt manually choose any currency (yet) > we change currency according to geolocation anytime the language is changed (manually or browser_location) this currency is valid only until the user changes currency manually once. i will be able to work on it only next week, see if you can be faster. jac
  3. jacopo

    Auto Detect Country

    Hi Roq, I am trying to do the same here. I am not expert of IP geolocation. if you cant find how to gelocate the user, then i can write the code around it. deal? jacopo
  4. i tried ultimate SEO URL, but i realized its missing an important feature about mulilangual site. originally OSC manage language switching by appending ?language=fr to the URL. once selected a language, it stores the value in the session, so the urls will look 'clean' again the result of this? index for french will have exactly the same url as index for english. in my idea of seo , there should be also a rewriting of language url, perhaps making it: /fr/index.php and /en/index.php I am actually doing it already, but i would like to ask your expert opinion: to make the site work, i will change my links to the template "/lang/page.php" in htaccess, i will create the rule: redirect condition /fr/page.php rule page.php?language=fr this will work, fine. now the problem would be that google already indexed a lot of old urls including the LANGUAGE parameter. so as usual i would use a 301 to redirect old urls to the new ones. so: rule redirect condition page.php?language=fr rule /fr/page.php [301] the result of is will be: rule redirect condition page.php?language=fr rule /fr/page.php [301] redirect condition /fr/page.php rule page.php?language=fr with apache redirecting back and forward to 2 urls. i am not really sure whether google will appreciate this or not! any one got better suggestion? i tried all others SEO contrinution, but i couldnt find anyone good. please advice. thanks
  5. jacopo

    PayPal IPN Invalid Process

    Hi. I am having the same problem here, but only randomly: we are hosted on Mediatemple, and in the past 6 months we received plenty of Paypal payments, all no problem. But in the past few days, we received twice (among many orders with no problem) the email "PayPal IPN Invalid Process". Now, the status of the orders is changed correctly in our system, so means IPN is working anyway even if reporting the error. And again, among those 2 payment reporting error, we had lot of others with no problem how could this happen? hypothesis: 1. the ipn communication failed on the 1st time for whatever connection problem, an error was reported and immediately after the IPN script was called again, this time succefully (in this case, i dont have to worry too much, just make sure i give it a check each time an error is reported) 2. there is something weird in the content of these 2 orders i cant see... and that i should fix any clue?
  6. jacopo


    I just made another test: changing envío into envío solves the problem. Why question now is: the tag where GGL was finding the problem was: <flat-rate-shipping name="Tarifas de envío basadas en zonas (International Express with tracking : 0.9 Kg(s))"> So apparentely google was already receving the word as "envío" then why before it was error, and now ok? mah!
  7. jacopo


    I am experiencing the same problem: in my spanish version, we have a shipping module called "Tarifas de envío basadas en zonas", as you see using the Iacute (í). Our posted XML has this node: <flat-rate-shipping name="Tarifas de envío basadas en zonas (International Express with tracking : 0.9 Kg(s))"> Google will then return the error: <error-message>Error parsing XML; message from parser is: The entity "iacute" was referenced, but not declared.</error-message> It's weird how all of us (me, Interceptor, amigaman) we all get this error for unusual character in the shippingname, and nowhere else. Does google NOT support chars over 128bytes in the shipping specification? Note: my entire store uses UTF-8, database and language files included.
  8. jacopo

    Authorize.net setup toubles

    I have ssl certificate i WANT force cookie use= true (i dont want SID in my url) but when i submit my checkout form to a.net, because i have forced cookies and i have no SID in my url, i will loose the session. is there anyway to connect correctly to a.net without keeping the SID in the url?
  9. jacopo

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    hi guys! what about the integration issue with google analitics? had anyone checked this? http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=265617 jacopo!
  10. jacopo

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi all i am happy user of paypal IPN contribution. BUT..! now that fortunately our site is getting more customers, it's becoming quite annoying to have this PENDING IPN orders, mixed with the real ones. For management, report etc they are a bit of a pain. we also installed GGL checkout IPN, which works in a similar way, but added a very interesting function: when you leave the site to land on GGL checkout, together with QTY and TOTAL, you can also send shipping methods, address, and all the information of the order. So virtually you can safely leave your OSC to GGL without storing anything in your DB. IF and when the payment on GGL is succedd, it will post to our site all the information related to this order, so we will build a new order in our DB only at this moment. (in fact we didnt implement this yet, but seems possible) Any workaround to get the same with paypal? i just want to get rid of unsolved PENDING IPN orders in my order list. thanks!
  11. jacopo


    well.. in my case was not needlessly worries, it didnt work at all! As it was not saving the GL order id in our system , we couldnt re-create the matching between the 2 IDs at later stage, therefore the error. So in our case the problem was not the add-merchant-order-number XML itself, but WHY we didnt have a GL order id stored in our system before that! now i found the solution given by Jacky Wu to be working for us: we add a (set) in front of every number, such for (int)$insert_id in the file /catalog/include/modules/payment/google.php. Only this way we manage to have the gl_order_id stored in our DB, and then add-merchant-order-number XML calls will also work. I wish we have the OK by the masters of this contiribution, anyway i belive the change suggested by JackyWu can be considered as Bug, and suggested for a new release of this contribut. what you think?
  12. jacopo


    Ok. this is the situation: google is reporting the error: Cannot find the declaration of element 'add-merchant-order-number' in <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <add-merchant-order-number xmlns="http://sandbox.google.com/checkout/schema/2" google-order-number="861522794689330"> <merchant-order-number>0</merchant-order-number> </add-merchant-order-number> This XML is sent from Us to google when google calls google_ipn.php In fact the merchant-order-number is =0, as no ID is saved in the table google_checkout_logs.google_order_id when we create the order in our system. I am not sure on what is the logic behind this. We FIRST create an order on our system, then send its details to google to process. Google will generate a google_order id on its own DB, then once it has processesd the order will get back to our system with its ID. Our system now is supposed to create a link between OUR ID and google ID, and then send back to google this linkage information (using the XML above) But because the order ID is generated in our system BEFORE going to google, how can we make the match between the 2 IDs? what is the problem ? or am i just missing something? thanks jacopo
  13. jacopo


    ops. sorry. it seems that in fact i am getting the calls from sandox.google. so forget about what i wrote before please. Now the problem seems to be that we don't save the google_order_id in our DB, so we cant update the status as the matching will fail. I will post again when i will be more clear about my problem thanks
  14. jacopo


    hi. i just installed googlecheckoutIPN and testing it on sandbox. the order gets to google no problem, but i cant have google to updated the status of the order in my OSCstore. after different tests, i am trying something very stupid: is ste the API callback URL:www.mysite.com/google_ipn.php on my site, i edited google_ipn.php so that in the first lines i wrote: $fp = @fopen("gclog/google_log.txt","a"); @fwrite($fp, "hallo world"); @fclose($fp); i buy something, then also change the status of the order in google nothing happen in my store! according to point2, when google callback www.mysite.com/google_ipn.php it should write HALLO inside google_log.txt But it doesnt. If i broswe www.mysite.com/google_ipn.php directly from my browser, instead, google_log.txt is correctly edited. which makes me think that google DOEST call google_ipn.php at anytime. What mistake am i doing? is that because i am working on sandbox? thanks everyone for support!
  15. jacopo


    do you think is possible to use EVERYTHING of the version 2 (which i love), but take checkout_payment from version 1? will this create problem somewhere? thanks for support!