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  1. shawnm


    OK Update. I think it is a bug, or else it calculates different that what I am thinking. The default settings for commission is stored in the admin under Configuration. If you update an individual commission rate, the affiliate will still get the default commission rate. If you delete the default commission rate, then each individual affiliate commission rate will then be used. It seems like it should be the opposite, or else it is a bug. You should be able to have a default commission rate, and if you update an individual affiliate commission rate, then the default is ignored and the individual rate is used. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? Thank you.
  2. shawnm


    When I change an affiliates individual commission here: Pay per Sale Payment % Rate: 8% And normal commission is 10%... I look at the Participating Affiliates in the admin... and it still shows 10% commission in Commission column in the middle of the screen... but when I click on that affiliate, on the right side column it shows 8%. Is there something wrong with my setup or is this normal? Thank you for any advice you can give me. Shawn
  3. shawnm

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    DJmonkey... thanks a bunch! I see that now... I never created a new order to try to edit it... I was just looking at old orders. Thanks for the help on the tax issue! Shawn
  4. I have installed tons of contributions... however I am just not getting this one. I installed it and I see Category Fields in the admin section. When I click on that I see: Field Name Category Type Sort Order. I add that, but I do not see where you can input text at? How do you add text to show under the subcategories? Thank you, Shawn
  5. shawnm

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Thanks the makers of this wonder contribution. The latest release has a typo in the code though... Error in code: make_an_offer.php Line 45: $products_price = $currencies->display_price($procuctid... Correct code: $products_price = $currencies->display_price($productid... Another feature that would be nice to have for this contribution, and I am not sure if it is doable or not... Have the offers post in the admin control panel. You could have check boxes for all the offers on one page, Offer Accepted or Offer Declined. The page could show the original price and the offer price for easy viewing. The admin could easily go through 100 offers for all the various products in a matter of seconds and accept or reject them. If the offer is accepted, the customer is sent an email verification link. When the user clicks that unique link, the user is taken to the shopping cart with the item in it for the accepted offer price. If it is declined, a typical "im sorry" email is sent to the customer. This would put this contribution over the edge! Anybody think it is doable? Thanks, Shawn
  6. shawnm

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Default shipping tax rate is not working I don't believe. I have changed the default shipping from 0 to 8 in the shipping_tax table. Also, in the my store config in the admin "select a tax class" I have defined as Taxable goods. The default tax rate appears for the products, but not for shipping. I can of course manually type it in. Just wondering if I missing something else, or is it a bug? Great contribution by the way. Using v3.0.2.1 with bug fixed, digitally remastered version. Thank you, Shawn
  7. Is there a way to only allow customers to use 1 coupon if they have 2 valid coupons? I was wanting two different coupons being advertised in different places, but I do not want the two combined on checkout should a customer get their hands on both of them. Is this possible? Thanks, Shawn
  8. Is there a contribution that will automatically fix spelling problems from the end user. Like google has, an example would be the user types in "trucsk" and the contribution would say "did you mean trucks". Anything similar to that available? I have searched but havent seen anything. Thanks, Shawn
  9. Jack, Thanks again... here's the update in case anyone else is having a problem... It appears that Easy Populate will create a new manufacturer if it doesn't exsist, however it will only create the manufacturer in the manufacturer table, not in both the manufacturer table and the manufacturer_info table. The manufacturer_info table is left blank. So, what I did was go through all the manufacturer's and input this into MySQL: INSERT INTO `manufacturers_info` VALUES (434, 1, '', 0, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL); That fixed my manufacturers not being listed on the Manufacturer page and allowed me to edit and upload a picture for each manufacturer. Not sure if it's a code problem on Easy Populate or what... but I just wanted to post this to maybe help someone out... Thanks again Jack, nice contribution! Shawn
  10. Jack, Thanks for the quick response... I think i may have found the problem... I noticed that my categories no longer have pictures as well... I used Easy Populate to upload most of my products and that is what created most of my categories... is it possible that by using Easy populate, it did not create or update both tables? Cause I am looking in MySQL and it is showing all of my categories and it is showing my pictures, but for some reason it is not displaying the pictures to go along with it.... What do you think? Thanks again! Shawn
  11. Jack, congrats to the great contribution! Very very nice! One quick question... I just installed the latest version... Header Tags Controller v2.5.9 Complete Jack_mcs 25 Apr 2006 and I am having an issue with the manufacturers page in the admin section. It appears to only be listing Manufacturer's that have info listed in the manufacturers_info table. I checked MySQL and I have about 300 manufacturer's, however only about 10 of them are listed in the manufacturers_info table. Those are the 10 that are showing up when I am at the Manufacturers section of the admin. All the manufacturers show up those in the online catalog in the manufacturers pulldown menu. Does the Manufacturers section of the admin now require all manufacturers to have a manufacturers_info listing as well as it seems that is where it is pulling the manufacturers from. Or is this a bug? Thank you, Shawn
  12. Can you please tell us exactly what you did, because I installed v2.1d and it is still not working correctly. When I have the redirects enabled... the manufacturers pull down menu does not work. Thanks, Shawn
  13. UPDATE: THIS MAY HELP YOU IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS. I think I just fixed my problems... I turned off this: Enable automatic redirects? FALSE This will activate the automatic redirect code and send 301 headers for old to new URLs. I set that to False and now it works perfect! I thought the redirects being set to true meant that it would redirect the old URLs to the New URLs... not sure why, but setting this to False seems to make everything work right. Thanks to anyone who can add input to this subject. Shawn
  14. Ok, I just noticed that my manufacturer's listing is not redirecting either. It is given me product not found on every manufacturer. Can anyone help with this? Thank you, Shawn
  15. When I type in a URL to test the redirect it does not work... Here is an example, I took out my domain so the forum would not shorten the URL. Let's say I type in this: /catalog/product_info.php?products_id=15 It will redirect to this: /catalog/product_info.php?catalog=product_info.php and it will show "No Product Found." Any ideas?