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  1. turner2000

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    I had this error and it was resolved by my hosts installing the libCcCpiTools.so file in the correct location and updating the path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. The bit in the integration guide that relates to this is: Add the path to libCcCpiTools.so to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable (either by suitable file location, or direct addition). It may be necessary for a merchant to speak to their host regarding suitable location / installation of this file. I posted this info to my hosts and they knew what to do. Hope this helps.
  2. turner2000

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    After re-reading the thread and reaching page 40 something I finally found the little thing I was after. If you are having the same problem as I was it may be a case of removing 'Java/' from your spiders.txt file in your includes folder. Orders now show up in OSCommerce. I feel quite lucky that HSBC CPI has only stolen 2 days of my life. Fingers crossed it carries on working when switched to production!
  3. turner2000

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hey, I have managed to install the contribution and I can go through an order connect to the HSBC site, enter my card details and get returned to my site ok. However the order is not stored in my database and the order number shown to the customer is 0, unless they have placed an order before in which case the order number displayed is their last order's order number. The transaction is recorded correctly by HSBC and can be viewed on the control panel. The session id is being passed back correctly as at first this was causing the user to be taken back to an empty shopping basket, now I am not sure what could be causing this problem. I have searched the 51 previous pages but to no avail. Thanks in advance for any help. Dave (aka Turner2000)
  4. turner2000

    Easy Coupons

    You need to add: after: require("includes/application_top.php"); include_once (DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS.'easy_discount.php'); in between the head tags add: <script language="javascript"><!-- function session_win2() { window.open("<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_INFO_COUPON); ?>","info_coupon"," height=360,width=700,toolbar=no,statusbar=no,scrollbars=yes").focus(); } function autotab(original,destination){if (original.getAttribute&&original.value.length==original.getAttribute("maxlength"))destination.focus()} //--></script> after:<td align="right" class="main"><b><?php echo SUB_TITLE_SUB_TOTAL; ?> <?php echo $currencies->format($cart->show_total()); ?></b></td> </tr> add: <?php if ($easy_discount->count() > 0) { echo easy_discount_display(); echo '<tr><td align="right">'.SUB_TITLE_TOTAL.'</td><td align="right">'.$currencies->format(($cart->show_total() - $easy_discount->total())).'</td></tr>'; } ?> Also add: if ($cart->count_contents() > 5) { $easy_discount->set('CQTY','Cart Quantity Discount',500); } else { $easy_discount->clear('CQTY'); } into the page somewhere, above the last bit of code worked for me. I really don't know much about coding but following Amanda's instructions this is where I put the code and it worked for me. HTH
  5. turner2000

    Easy Coupons

    Hi Amanda, Thanks for this contribution, I now have it working on my site, just the formatting of the text etc. to sort out but it is taking the correct discount off and it is all showing up so thanks very much! If I can't figure out how to change the format of something I may scream for help, but again thanks for this contribution!
  6. Hey, I've got the individual shipping per product contribution working on my site. I would like to know how I can only charge the customer for the most expensive item when they purchase more than one item. For example a customer buys 2 items, one with a delivery charge of ?5, one with a charge of ?10. I want to just charge them ?10 and not both delivery charges as this contribution does at the moment. I have read through the many pages in the contribution support and searched the forums using google to no avail so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. turner2000

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately it still isn't adding the status to the little table of past statuses but it is changing the status of the order. When you say it is happening randomly do you mean randomly among people so not everyone has the problem or just at random times to you? It is happening on every order for me. I know hardly anything about PHP :blush: but I've been playing around and I added: tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_ORDERS_STATUS_HISTORY . " (orders_id, orders_status_id, date_added, customer_notified, comments) values ('" . (int)$oID . "', '" . tep_db_input($status) . "', now(), '" . tep_db_input($customer_notified) . "', '" . tep_db_input($comments) . "')"); in section 1.1 - update order info. It now posts to the status history table if I don't enter comments but it does it every time I press update even if I don't make any changes. Sometimes it does it twice for fun! <_< Anyway i'll carry on bodging and see what happens :D
  8. turner2000

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi, I'm having a problem updating the status of the order using order editor. If I change the status but don't add any comments in the comments box then the status of the order does not change in the order history but it does change the status of the order (it shows when the customer looks at it and in the main orders.php page). If I add comments then the status of the order updates correctly and shows in the order history that it has happened. I don't have this problem if I make the change of status in the default OSCommerce bit. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks, Dave
  9. turner2000

    Fixed Width with CSS

    Hello, Long time since I've asked anything on here, I'm just trying to get back into using OSCommerce and have a fresh install that I am trying to put the fixed width contribution onto. I have changed the stylesheet, the header and the footer and it doesn't work. I'm checked and double checked that I have put in all that is in the contribution. In the stylesheet I have added: . BODY { text-align: center; background: #ffffff; color: #000000; margin: 0px; } .fixcenter { width: 758px; border: solid; border-width: 1px; background: #ffffff; color: #000000; margin: auto; margin-top: 20px; text-align: left; } I've added <div class="fixcenter"> to the header and </div> to the footer. Why won't it work? Thanks
  10. turner2000

    Scrambled Order Numbers

    I have just installed this contribution and am suffering a problem. Order numbers are not advancing if there is another order showing in admin. I have tried putting the order to a different status but if a new order is placed the new one just over-writes the older order. If I delete the order that is showing in admin->orders then the order number advances to the next order. I don't know where to start looking to rectify this problem. Thanks in advance for your help. -turner2000