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  1. I am having a problem where the shipping quotes are very slow. It takes between 30-40 seconds to get the quotes and populate the checkout_shipping. The quotes are correct and always show. I have isolated it to $quotes = $GLOBALS[$include_quotes[$i]]->quote($method); in shipping.php I have USPS XML and UPSXML modules installed and active. Any ideas of why it would take so long to populate the GLOBALS? Thanks
  2. Solved my own problem. I have the Price Break per product Mod and it uses a PriceFormatter.php function called from get_products() to query the product list and format prices. The products query included a WHERE clause that excluded the products_status='0'. I modified it to do a join on the free_gifts table and see if the product existed. Everything is working fine now.
  3. I am having a problem similar to one discussed earlier. I cannot add the qualifying gift unless the gift is active or in stock. When active it works fine but also shows in the store with a price of $0.00. It appears that the cart is checking the availability of the items before updating the cart. The item is inserted into the customer_basket table but is not being rendered by the shopping_cart.php. I am using oscdox's osC-MAX 1.7 with BTS 1.2. I've made all the necessary translations to the BTS code and like I stated earlier works great when the product is active. Any ideas of where to check for the stock check?
  4. I am looking for the same thing. A customer of mine wants to run a weekly special where if the shopper spends more than $100 they get a free product. Any ideas on this? Any contributions or combination that could be used?