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  1. psychedelik

    XSELL - Updated Product Listing

    If a product is not assigned a manufacture, the x-sell won't display, need to tweak the SQL logic.
  2. this contribution does exactly that. All you need to do is create your vouchers the same way as you would in creating your store products, the only requirement would be to set the first 4 letters of the model# to GIFT and it'll automatically be treated as a purshasable voucher.
  3. psychedelik

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    This seems like a popular mod, great work! B) and sorry I didnt' have time to go through 11 full pages for an answer to my quesion, but basically I'm wondering if Matti Ressler's Master Products - MS2 could be a worthwhile alternative in handling custom packaging of existing catalog items like this mod does. I'm asking this because way before Stephen released his Customer Computer Creator I, along with other forum members were into this hot discussion about how to turn this popular functionality into reality, and the suggestion that I made back then was just what Matti's mod consists of :D
  4. psychedelik

    Login Box w/My Account v5.0

    uh...wasn't that my origianl idea which lacked interest?? http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...6219&highlight=
  5. psychedelik

    paypal ipn .96

    PayPal IPN v.96 was written in two formats, one for the old checkout, one for the new checkout. make sure you download the correct contribution file.
  6. psychedelik

    Paypal Processing, need help fast!!

    that means the customer changed his mind before finishing their checkou you can safely delete the PayPal Processing entries. if the orders had gone through, it would've become "Pending"
  7. Don't we just love Pablo? :D
  8. psychedelik

    What's new on PayPal IPN v0.92

    lightanother, by the way, if you update to 0.92, which contains my no-brainer:P bugfix, it'll do what this contribution was origianlly written to do: 1) for incomplete orders, everything will still be logged with the status showing "PayPal Processing" 2) for completed orders, the status will become "Pending" and emails will be sent. as for dropped orders, everything will still be logged with the status showing "PayPal Processing" until you manually update it to something else or delete it, because the program doesn't get any feedback from PayPal and thinks that the person is still in the process of making a payment.
  9. psychedelik

    What's new on PayPal IPN v0.92

    an order is generated with the status of PayPal Processing regardless of whether or not the order is complete. and the whole idea of this contribution is to get around the scenario which people fail to hit continue following their payment. if it's a "complete/paid" order then the information will be sent back to paypal_notify.php and trigger the status update and email sending functions. otherwise the status will show PayPal Processing forever and no emails will be sent. It's impossible to update the statu until after a "complete" transaction, regardless of success or fail. (i.e. information gets sent back to paypal_notify.php) if a customer changes his mind while in PayPal and closes his browser or navigates away, then no information will be sent back to osc.
  10. psychedelik

    PayPal IPN?

    it was a bug and i fixed it! in catalog/paypal_notify.php line 142, it should be 'old_value' => 99999, (without quotation marks) instead of 'old_value' => '99999', the scripts abnormally terminated here without registering the proper order status and sending confirmation e-mails, everything okay now :D
  11. psychedelik

    PayPal IPN?

    hi osmisis, first of all thanks for writing this mod. however i did run into a couple problems: 1) transaction was VERIFIED and COMPLETED, but the order email didn't send and 2) order status didn't update to the chosen one, in my case it's 1- Pending i'm running the latest snapshot and PayPal IPN 0.91 thanks!
  12. hi, just wanted to know if i'll still be able to send order status updates to customers without accounts? and Mike, your v0.54 mod only seems to include 3 files in the zip file, are those the only ones needed for the changes you made? thanx!
  13. psychedelik

    Correction to Big Images 1.22, 1.23a

    you're half right, it doens't work when the product id has not been assigned (during new insert preview) and also, the sql query in the popup file should also be changed from p.products_bimage = '" . $HTTP_GET_VARS['bimage'] to p.products_id = '" . $HTTP_GET_VARS['pID'] not perfect but i can get away with that, at least it works fine on the catalog end.