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  1. Hi, I am searching for a way to modify the Sales Report2 to only show the net amounts/sums bec. the tax is not relevant to any further interpratations of the numbers. Do you know how to modify this? br mfred
  2. Mfred

    Country-State Selector

    I found it out. The problem was that the 'minimum value' for state in the admin menu was empty. I replaced it with a 0 then it worked :)
  3. Mfred

    Country-State Selector

    steve thx for this fast reponse. The JS part is in the loaded head section of the page: function refresh_form(form_name) { form_name.action.value = 'refresh'; form_name.submit(); return true; } Normally i am working with firefox which gave no errors. Loading the page in IE gives a syntax error on line 113 which is: check_input("state", , "Das Bundesland sollte mindestens Zeichen enthalten."); On reloading the page this error disappears as it has then a state in the Fieldlist. But on changing the country I get the following error: Missing object on line 404 <td class="main"><select name="country" onChange="return refresh_form(create_account);"><option value="">Bitte wählen</option><option value="2">Albania</option><option value="5">Andorra</option><option value="14" SELECTED>Austria</option>....[LONGLISTHERE] </select> <span class="inputRequirement">* (Seite lädt nach Auswahl neu)</span></td> br, mfred
  4. Mfred

    Country-State Selector

    Hi, I integrated the contrib to my site. The default country selector is working, but the page doesent reload on changing the country, the code for reload is there <select name="country" onChange="return refresh_form(create_account);"> and I dont get any page errors. I didnt install the /admin/... files as I dont need it in the admin section. Do I have to alter them also for functionality? br, mfred
  5. I am working on a feature to automate the xsell process through a txt file. But I have troubles with the SQL statement where I need to only insert those article numbers, which are already integrated in the shop. I even dont know if the EXISTS can be put there or if it should be done another way. 'INSERT INTO ' . TABLE_PRODUCTS_XSELL . ' (products_id,xsell_id) values ( (SELECT `products_id` FROM ' . TABLE_PRODUCTS . ' WHERE `products_model` LIKE ' . $data[0]. ' AND `products_status` =1 and exists `products_id` not null), (SELECT `products_id` FROM ' . TABLE_PRODUCTS . ' WHERE `products_model` LIKE ' . $data[1] . ' AND `products_status` =1 and exists `products_id` not null) ) ' Without the EXISTS syntax it is working along the file until the 1st non existing article in the shop appears. thx for your input.
  6. I have found out a bug which occurs on Mozilla Browsers (tested 1.0.6 under linux and und windows) with this contrib. Refresh Rate which is default to 0 (none) is interpreted from Mozilla to permanently refresh the site every 0 (immediate) seconds. So first thing you have to activate when clicking on Who is online is to set the refresh rate to something else like 30,60,120... everything else - great contrib, I like it ty mfred
  7. thx that did it! just for info for others: I implemented it in advanced_search on the bottom of search options: <tr> <td class="fieldKey"><?php echo ENTRY_ON_STOCK; ?></td> <td class="smallText"><?php echo tep_draw_checkbox_field('iso', '1'); ?></td> </tr> I think it fits there better :)
  8. % is not working as it is resizing to the table width/height. For now I just filled with 200, 150 as until now all my pictures are of the same size. THX 4 your help! mfred
  9. Hi, I am searching for a modification to hide the Review Box as long as there are new reviews. br, mfred
  10. Hi, ok I understand where the problem is but readding SMALL_IMAGE_* is shrinking my pictures again from original size. Is there any other workaround for it? Still strange its only a IE problem :/ bye, mfred
  11. PS I am using version 2.1.2 mloeffen 19 Aug 2005
  12. I didn't use any mulitplier as I am showing the full picture size (removed the "click to enlarge") html code within products_info page: <img src="product_thumb.php?img=images/produkte/I368311.jpg& w=hspace="5" vspace="5"&h=0" width="hspace="5" vspace="5"" border="0" alt="TRANSCEND JetFlash 1024MB USBStick USB2.0 high speed blau" title="TRANSCEND JetFlash 1024MB USBStick USB2.0 high speed blau"> html code within the products_new (or other pages with smaller images): <img src="product_thumb.php?img=images/produkte/I368311.jpg& w=100&h=75" width="100" height="75" border="0" alt="TRANSCEND JetFlash 1024MB USBStick USB2.0 high speed blau" title="TRANSCEND JetFlash 1024MB USBStick USB2.0 high speed blau"> Wondering anyway that it's trying to do a "thumbnail in original file size rather then keep it as it is. TIA mfred
  13. very strange here: Everything working on Firefox, Mozilla, Opera (Windows and Linux) With Internet Explorer the small thumbs are working (reduced to 100x75) but the images in products_info are not shown. Any hints on that ?