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  1. redmonds

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    This is a totally awesome Mod and I got it merged with the existing mods without too much trouble, which is just as well cause I have no idea of PHP or MySQL. I did have one suggestion, and due to the above I won't be attempting it myself. In the edit customer page where you can switch the RA off, could an automated email button be added. Ie. Application refused/ Application Accepted. To notify the customer that they can/can't purchase at discounted rates. Congrats to all involved.
  2. I am trying to implement the Batch print mod and all seems to strait forward but when I actually select 'confirm' a new browser window opens with the following error "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_draw_form() in /home/redmonds/public_html/test1/admin/print_batch.php on line 17" This is on a test installation and has only a couple of mods and nothing that I know of that should have changed any of the above code. Thanks for your help. :'(