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  1. miguelm

    [Contribution Update] All Prods v2.4

    Thanks Farrukh!!! you idea is very nice :idea: and you mod of allprods is work fine !! Miguel :D
  2. Hello !! :lol: I use this contributions for a Quote system, the system only using download controler in ship and payment modules. In the shipp confirmation process (checkout_shipping.php), after checkout_payment.php, I received the windows message "document.checkout_payment.payment.length" is null or not is a objet. any help or guide. please. :oops: Thanks Miguel
  3. Hi, :oops: Please, I try to download you contributions, but, one link is wrong, and the another link, the zip file is corrupted. Thanks. Miguel
  4. Hi Elari ! please, which is the file accounting.php in /admin/includes/application_top.php define('FILENAME_ACCOUNTING', 'accounting.php'); I can?t see in the zip file or where is my mistake ???? :shock: miguelm
  5. :thumbsup: :lol: Thanks !! Thanks elari !! Thanks to be pending of this forum ! Merci ? ?tre en suspens de ce forum Miguelm :rockedover: Traducci?n de altavista Babel Fish en Fran?ais:
  6. Hi, elari. Please how i can download your file dos payment 2n0901 ??? :oops: I try to download you file from http://www.unlockgsm.com/dload-osc/pafiledb.php but is loops Thanks Any Help Miguel
  7. miguelm


    Hello , path of directory OSC for you files A = Admin C = Catalog I = Includes B = Boxes F = Functions Path A = /Admin A_I_B = /admin/includes/boxes C = Catalog C_I_F = /catalog/includes/functions :)