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  1. giz286sim

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Thank you Escaping. Your post fixed the carts of a few of my clients. Unfortunately this is a prime example of why I have been setting up my clients on other shopping carts over the last few months - there is no support team behind these contributions and the original programmers always seem to eventually lose interest and disappear. The payment module for a site is one of the worst things to have not working. Luckily Escaping posted a solution, but what about next time?
  2. giz286sim

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Brian, does the 3D Secure support in this contribution work with DynamoCheckout?
  3. I have programmed a very quick and easy fix for this, only requires 2-3 easy code changes/additions. No extra modules or anything. I will post when I get it together in an organized file.
  4. Amazon.com just launched a checkout system similar to Google Checkout. Check it out here: https://payments.amazon.com/sdui/sdui/business?sn=cba/o What's interesting is that they've already created the contribution for integration with Oscommerce! They even have instructions on how to integrate if you already have Google checkout installed. This is why I love Amazon! The developer guide is here: http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01...opers_Guide.pdf And the contribution download is here: http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01...se_08_07_02.zip
  5. Ah, I see. Did you install the register_globals contribution?
  6. Look at my code that you quoted - the fix is right there - I think you may have overlooked it.
  7. Also in response to "thebigyeti": You probably have register globals turned off. Go to catalog/admin/stock.php and put this at the top, right below "require('includes/application_top.php');" : link_get_variable('product_id'); That fixed it for me.
  8. Fixed it. Just remove the space before the first <?php on the first line of the file and after the last ?> on the last line of the file
  9. I'm having the same problem. Working on it, but does anyone have a fix that might save some time?
  10. giz286sim

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I had the same problem. It took me time to figure this out, but I just went to the free shipping module, and chose "false" under "Disable for Specials" and that fixed the problem.
  11. giz286sim

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Brian, I'm running 0.7.3 with the register global changes we worked on a few months ago - is there any major reason to upgrade to 0.8.2? If so, do I need to uninstall it, then install 0.8.2, or do I need to start at 0.8b and work my way up? Thanks, and thanks for continuing to support probably one of the most useful contributions for OsCommerce.
  12. giz286sim

    GBuy... who is working on a Mod?

    Note to all those looking to use gbuy/google checkout: We used it on our store for a little while. A few orders came through. However - most, if not all orders now go into a stage of processing called "reviewing." I am active on the google checkout forums and many others have the same issue. The orders stay in "reviewing" stage usually for 24 hours or more. Only after they leave this stage can you charge the customer's card. This obviously delays orders for too long a time. Google checkout is not ready for widespread use just yet. Maybe in a month or so when they realize that their fraud protection process is unacceptable. It involves a person going over the order before releasing it for charging - just imagine how many workers they would need to cover the amount of orders coming through EVERY SECOND from all stores using Google Checkout (hint: they ain't even close right now.) The amount of frustration I've experienced over waiting for orders to go through, fielding customer complaints over delays, and trying to get Google to be responsive to our inquiries over this and other issues is has led us to stay with our current processor. Take this info into consideration before jumping into it. Or at least get some test orders going through their non-sandbox system.
  13. giz286sim

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Go back through and make sure you've copied over every single line and file correctly. There are a lot of small code snippets that may get overlooked during the install. When I first started using the contrib, I thought I had done everything perfectly but after using it for two weeks found I had left one line of code out that was causing some problems. Also make sure you have enabled the actual payment module in the admin.
  14. giz286sim

    Fatal error - non-existant class??

    My best advice would be to post in the thread dedicated to the WPP contribution that you are referring to: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=174981
  15. giz286sim

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    That's what I thought - wanted to make sure there weren't any settings that were changed on my server by my host. Thanks!