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  1. The problem is the -p- in the url. is the product name 5-pounts-p? if it is, try changing it to _p or move the location of the p to the begining. anything to make it not be -p right at the end, that is what is messing it up.
  2. It is saying that products are not found? This is probably because of a bug with redirects on certain servers. Either disable redirecting, or look on this forum I think I posted a fix to get redirect working. If you still need help IM me and I'll try to walk you through it :) If it is giving 404 errors, that means your .htaccess file is messed up. I don't know about 500 error, havn't heard that one. Check the permissions for .htaccess, if you can't get it to work post what you have in your .htaccess as well as whether you have it installed under the root of the domain (e.g. www.webshop.com) or under a directory (e.g. www.webshop.com/catalog) as this makes a difference in what you need in your .htaccess file.
  3. You need to make a new file if it doesn't exist already, name it .htaccess and put it in the catalog folder. Don't forget the dot in front. The .htaccess file in the downloads folder is the wrong one. Do not use the admin control panel to edit or create the .htaccess file, the admin panel does not write the file properly if there are any quotes in it. You need to use a text editor and upload it to your server. Barido: for my site, having & has the same effect as the & alone. Does it act differently for your site?
  4. Yes, it is a cookie thing. It is natural for the osCsid to appear in the url the first time you look at the page. Click on a link, and see if they are still in the url's on the new page. So in other words, browse around your site and visit several different pages. Does the osCsid still appear? If it does then you do need to fix your cookie settings. If it disapears after clidking once or twice your settings are fine. If you do need to have your cookies fixed, post the top part of configure.php MINUS the database settings. :::Problem with information pages::: Symptom: You have information pages unlimited installed, and you have version 2.1c of the ultimate seo contrib. The links still look like information.php?... instead of about_us-i-4.html (those links are just examples) This is how we were able to fix the problem on DavidR's site: At the end of his application_top.php were the lines //BEGIN Information pages unlimited define('TABLE_INFORMATION', 'information'); define('FILENAME_INFORMATION', 'information.php'); //END Information pages unlimited These define lines should be in different files, the problem is that they were getting defined AFTER the seo code was generating the urls, so it was not converting the url's. To fix this, move the line define('TABLE_INFORMATION', 'information'); to the end of the file includes/database_tables.php before the ?> at the end of the file. Now move the line define('FILENAME_INFORMATION', 'information.php'); to the end of teh file includes/filenames.php before the ?> at the end of the file. Make sure to remove the lines from application_top.php since they are now defined in a different spot. Hope this is able to help out any one else with this problem.
  5. The information pages unlimited problem...
  6. Yes I am having to bite my tongue as well, theres no use in posting something that is helpful if it breaks the forum rules and gets the post deleted...
  7. Get with me, we'll figure out the problem then post the final solution... A little easier than going back and forth on the forum and making the thread a page or two longer when all they really need is the fix :thumbsup: do you have aim or icq?
  8. As I said, the 2.1x releases on this site are not stable, and sadly a stable one won't be released (aka 2.1d) due to the licensing rules for contributions on this site. Read about why it won't be released on this announcement: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...ndpost&p=635175 the 2.1c is considered by the author Bobby to not be a production release, due to a few bugs that version D clear up. It has to do with redirecting when you are on a server that runs php in CGI mode. See why I didn't go into details? Most store owners don't know what the heck CGI mode is, much less whether their server is running in cgi mode or not. They just know that 2.1 breaks their site. So, I recomend 2.0B over 2.1C because 2.0b has none of the bugs that 2.1c has. All that being said, follow DavidR's suggestion about cookies. It turned out that Martin's main problem had to do with the cookies, so if your problems are the same it probably has to do with cookie settings too.
  9. How are they broken? Give an example. For instance, when you click on one, does it come to "page not found"? if that is the case, make sure you have followed the instructions for the .htaccess file.
  10. From what I can tell, I'm using 1.0 :blush: It is working fine as you can see here I could not find a version number anywhere, just a date that coorosponds to the first version 1.0. Are your problems customer side or admin side? I think it was one of the first things I installed, before I really got the hang of the contribs. It seems I did get it working for my site though... I can post my code for information.php, the information box, and the admin part of it if you want it, see if you can take mine and make it work for your site. Let me know.
  11. try version 2.0b, it is the last stable release on this site. the 2.1 to 2.1c versions are not production ready, and new releases are not going to be released here due to licensing conflicts(among other things). So your best bet is to go w/ 2.0b Hope this helps. edit: also make sure your cookie settings in configure.php are set up correctly, that could also be causeing the issue.
  12. Sorry about that, you are right it was Information Pages Unlimited, as I said early on I failed to document which contribs I installed, and now it is way too customized to re-do it... I mixed the "ultimate" from another contrib I had installed :blush: Did you get it to work?
  13. I don't know about information pages, but it works for my ultimate information pages, right off the bat w/o modification... You could try asking in the controversial forums, or try installing the information pages unlimited contrib (don't know exactly which one, unfortunately I did not keep good track enough of which contribs I installed, I don't know base code from modified code any more) What exactly is not working with the information pages for you? (maybe give a url for an example, sometimes it's easier than explaining) Sorry I can't help out more...
  14. In case anyone else is having the same problem as me, where having ?cname= or ?manufacturers_id= in the url makes it not display the product, I was able to fix it by turning off auto redirect in the admin under seo admin. Hope this helps someone.
  15. LOL!!! Wow I'm an idiot... I just realized cache was turned off!!! And I have 1and1, they should be pretty fast... I'll contact them if the speed doesn't improve w/ cache enabled... For the other people that are having speed issues, once you go to the page, does it speed up? I think montyx might be right about it re-caching stuff, or in my case cacheing it for the first time...