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  1. candysinc

    2checkout v2 on OSC 2.2

    By the way the website is functional .... 2CO Sucks ..... :P :x -_- :o
  2. candysinc

    2checkout v2 on OSC 2.2

    2CO is worthless so account canceled amd using CC by phone .... Thsi is their reply to me ... :angry: <_< :huh: :'( Reply: Good afternoon, We apologize for any inconveience you have experienced, but we are happy to assist you. 1. The parameter errors are most likely occuring because this account has not yet completed the verifications process. As soon as the Web site is functional, please send an e-mail to Risk@2co.com so they can review the site and permit test and live orders to come through it. 2. It has become necessary for 2Co to know the specific product that is being sold at the time of sale and for that product's description to be stored in our database for reference. This change is required both by 2CO and by our banking partners to better mitigate risk and to monitor items being sold. Because of this requirement, we are asking cart makers and/or users to make changes to their cart or programs so that additional information about the items being sold is passed to 2Co. It is very important to note that: All previous parameters remain supported and should continue to be passed in ( 2Co , Authorize.net ) , The parameter total ( or the authorize.net parameter : x_amount ) passed in for the order will continue to be the amount billed for the sale, The paramaters cart_order_id and sid ( or the authorize.net parameters : x_invoice_num and x_login ) are still manditory with this parameter set. Teal parameters are required to identify cart products being purchased and should be supplied ASAP. For some clients it may make sense to create 1 or multiple generic products in the 2Co db, like "Premium Hosting", "Super Saver Hosting" and pass in a total for the sale as generated on their site. If this option works for you please make the product name reasonably descriptive, (i.e. "website design services" would be a good description, "web services" a poor one for the same item ). Blue parameters are those required for product creation to take place at the time of sale if the product does not already exist in the 2Co system. These parameters are intended for carts that retain no product database or as a transition method of populating the 2Co database. Although it is desirable to receive as many parameters as possible with the purchase the option of creating products on the fly should only be used when no other options exist. REQUIRED PARAMETERS c_prod or c_prod_[:digit] : This parameter will contain either the assigned_product_id given to the product upon creation in the 2CO system or a vendor specified id. It may, optionally, also contain the id followed by a ‘,’ ( ASCII comma ) followed by an integer which will represent the quantity. This parameter should not be autogenerated with each individual sale but should be tied to a specific product. The c_prod value should match whatever external vendor id is recorded in the 2Co system. The external vendor id maybe a cart assigned product id or the vendors own internal product id as long as the value matches the value stored in the 2Co system. Examples of valid values: 1 my_product_17 product_5,3 id_type This parameter will contain an integer value representing the type or classification of the ids used in the c_prod parameter(s). This value will apply universally per transaction. That is to say c_prod parameters must contain only assigned_product_id values or only vendor_product_id values. Current valid values for this parameter are defined as follows. 1 is defined as vendor_product_id 2 is defined as assigned_product_id 3 – 0 are reserved for future use. OPTIONAL PARAMETERS sh_cost (optional) : This parameter will contain shipping and handling cost, if any. The sh_cost parameter is completely optional. This parameter has the same format rules as the parameter containing the total (total or x_amount) that you are currently using. This value received is assumed to be in the selected currency of your 2CO account. Examples of valid values: 0.50, 5.00, 10 c_name or c_name_[:digit] : This parameter is required for new product creation. The value of this parameter should contain the name of the product to be created. It is limited to 128 characters including spaces and punctuation. If the value is too long it will be cut off at 128 characters. c_description or c_description_[:digit] : This parameter is required for new product creation. The value of this parameter should contain a short description of the product to be sold. It is limited to 255 characters including spaces and punctuation. If the value is too long this value will be stored as the long description instead. The long description will not show on the checkout pages but it will be saved in the 2Co product database. c_price or c_price_[:digit] : This parameter is required for new product creation. This value should reflect the price of the product in your 2CO account selected currency. This parameter has the follow format restrictions Numbers and decimal point only. Max value: 999,999.99 c_tangible or c_tangible_[:digit] ( optional ) : This parameter is optional. If you do not provide a value for it a default value of Y will be used. This field indicates if the product is a physical product or an e-good/service. This parameter has the following format restrictions: Valid values: y Y n N -- I hope that I have addressed all of your concerns, but please feel free to re-open this ticket if you require further assistance. Thank you, Sean 2CO Product Support Group Knowledge Base: http://support.2co.com/deskpro/faq.php Document Central : http://www2.2checkout.com/documentation/ V2 Users Guide : https://www2.2checkout.com/documentation/UsersGuide2/usersguide.html They really should know how to run a business ... James
  3. candysinc

    2checkout v2 on OSC 2.2

    Ok I have a question about 2CO .... Do I have to add everyone of my products to 2CO ?? Please Dont tell me I have to because thats like unreal .... I have hundreds of products so do I have to add them ?? James