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  1. Hi, I installed osCommerce this weekend and have managed to stubborn my way through getting it going, including working the kinks out of the USPS shipping tools. I'm getting the following problem, though: When you check out the order, the shipping calculates correctly and the order subtotals and totals correctly except for two things: 1. If you choose Paypal.com as your payment method, paypal ignores the shipping charges altogether and only charges the customer the price of the item. 2. I'm lost on the Paypal IPN install. I tried translating the German instruction text to English over at Google, but that didn't really help much, so if that's the fix I need some guidance on how to do it. Also, I've been searching the archives for info on how to take donations and how to set up recurring subscription type payments (for pledges). We're using OSC on a 501-c-3 website to sell our resource materials, but also for handling transactions for supporting memberships, pledges, spontaneous donations, and event registrations. Any help on the side would be appreciated. Your pro-bono services can possibly be written off! Thanks in advance, Valerie www.wisdomkeepers.org/catalog
  2. NagiWKI

    USPS & UPS Shipping Modules

    The change from testing to production server fixed the USPS error. Now to go find the paypal thread and deal with why it isn't adding the shipping charge to the paypal payment!
  3. NagiWKI

    USPS & UPS Shipping Modules

    I've done all the fixes in this thread. Except for getting confirmation from USPS that I'm on the production server instead of the testing server, I'm still getting the USPS error message. I tried adding UPS (which I don't want) and it works just fine as far as calculating the rate. However, when I went to pay the test purchase I made, it didn't add any shipping to the paypal payment.