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  1. I am getting the following error trying to login to the admin: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CASE in /****/*****/******/catalog/admin/includes/application_top.php on line 393 I can view the catalog, but I cannot get into the admin. I did have to manually do some file editing in the *catalog*/includes/modules/product_listing.php As the code you are asking me to replace was not there, but relatively close... Please help, I love this mod, but I can't get it to work this time... PS: I installed via fantastico...
  2. Hello, I am having some trouble with the Paypal option. I enabled it and set it to yes, but when it gets to the purchase billing page, it just stops. Here is the site url.. https://photonix.site5.com/~beyondnu//nutri...pplement-store/
  3. I need some help, I have it up and running, but it seems to display odd font sizes (not obeying css) after a page refresh or as soon as I enter the cart itself... any ideas? Can I post the sample url: http://beyond-nutrition.chilliwackstorm.co...t-online-store/ Looks fine in the home page view, but if you click a product etc.. the font blows out...
  4. First off, This is a great tool and someone please tell me where to donate for this. Secondly, where do I restrict the width of the content portion? It is blowing my template all out of whack... Thanks again..
  5. I don't like to bring back a dead horse, but I have encoutered a few serious issues trying to get this work. I noticed that when I was searching for the text to replace in the html mod version that Chemo provides, I was not finding the exact phrase of the search. Many times there quite a few additional strings involved. I copied over them :| Much to my surpise (not really) I was presented with the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_template_image_button() in /***/***/***/includes/modules/product_listing.php on line 133 The other error was as follows: Warning: call_user_func(tep_reset_cache_data_seo_urls): First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /***/****/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 1195 Which shows up in the admin panel of the SEO url mod settings section. The one error is an IP address error? I am not sure what was supposed to happen here. I am usually pretty decent and copying and pasting *shrug* My server info is as follows: PHP Version 4.3.11 apache (1.3.33 (Unix)) mysql (4.0.24-standard) As I understand the value of SEO, could someone please help me out here. Maybe point to a better mod (although, I believe this one is the best one out there.)
  6. PS: I have been getting this error as well upon clicking the review button: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_prid() in store/includes/seo_redirect.php on line 105
  7. Chemo, This is a great setup. One problem that I have found is that I am left with html?osCsid=f655b88cbd801f91e1a133adc2e744e2 Not sure what I did wrong, but if you could let me know of a fix, that would be great. The store is at http://www.discount-computer.ca/store