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  1. Hi all, I'm using the gift registry contrib. I love it. One thing though... is there a way that when someone buys one of the gifts and it comes to the admin as an order, there is a way to tell the admin that the order is actually bought from someones gift regristry? When you are buying, there is text in the shopping cart saying 'You're about to purchase goods for x & x (Registry# 100002)'. Why can't I put this in the admin section under comments? Anyone? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. I'm completely stuck and pulling my hair out.
  2. langer

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    Hi All, Love the contribution. One quick thing... when I add the products of my wishlist to my cart, I would love to remove them from my wishlist and add an attribute to them. The attribute would be inda like 'Product name - From Wishlist' in the shopping cart. Has anyone done this or any idea how to do it? Other than that... I love it. Thanks for any help. PS: Whoa... long post above!
  3. langer

    Where does the order go??

    And there she is! Thank you all for a quick and informative answer to my newbie question!
  4. langer

    Where does the order go??

    Me too! Any idea where? as far as I can see... it all looks fine. The 'email address' and the 'email from' part of the My Store section are both my email address. Is there another section I should look at?
  5. langer

    Where does the order go??

    Hi all, I'm very sorry about this and I'm sure you have heard a newbie question like this before but I can't find the answer either here or the Knowledge base. When I do a test order, everything works perfect. It sends the confirmation to the buyer, I can see that someone has ordered in the admin section by looking at the invoice but shouldn't I get some sort of email with the credit card details, expiry date, etc etc? My email is down as the admin. Can anyone help or shed some light on this? Thanks in advance.