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  1. chg Search the thread for manufacurers there is a fix for this I too had problems but it worked with the fix posted
  2. I would just like to say THANKS This is a great contribution and I've got it running perfectly now. Did have a few problems but after Searching this forum found the fixes. Thanks Brian
  3. tobad78

    Authorize.net Best reseller?

    Looks great to me. Funny thing is I have account setup through Sams Club. It's a real mess no one seems to know anything. I keep getting different numbers different departments. But if you have this working please give a few more details. Which payment module do you use?
  4. tobad78

    Authorize.net Best reseller?

    Looks like my old merchant account won't help me change over to oscommerce. It'll cost me 100.00 to end the contract but oh well. Anyways looking for a new merchant account already had complaints with paypal.. What a surprise? So whats the best deal for authorize.net signup. It doesn't have to be authorize.net but it seems many people are using them. Seems like the credit card merchant guys make more money then I do. I don't care if I ever get a statement in the mail. Just want simple online access with the best rates. Average sales 500-1000.00. I'm also US based and most of my orders are US but I sometimes get overseas orders EU and others. But in the last 3 days I've had close to 600.00 As soon as I recover sartup cost osccomerce team will be getting my donation. Brian
  5. tobad78

    SamsClub Merchant Processing

    I'm very new to OScommerce but would like to get my shole site switched over soon. Does anyone have Sams Club Merchant Processing working with OScommerce? How do I go about it without any contributions that I found? I know they use First Data/Vista if that helps? Thanks, Brian