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    Getting 500 error with Affiliate Program!?

    This exact same thing is happening to me. I get the error that says, the affiliate_account_ok.php file cannot be found on the server. Yet the affilate accounts are created just fine and everything else works good.
  2. Thanks for the tip on my welcome page, I still have to work out some minor details and make the site more cohesive. I now get what you are saying about using the quick checkout option for a person with an account. I think I'm going to make the mod you made to your site to change the error message...its actually quicker to login if you already have an account, then you don't have to fill in any information at all, but that's not apparent unless you have already been through the process once. I think I might change the text on the login page to make the three options say, "1) New User - Quick Checkout 2) New User - Create Account 3) Registered Users". Not sure yet, but I think something that would make it more apparent to a new customer as well as returning customer what each option is. Any ideas? Mike
  3. If its true that you have to have an account to use the download files function on oscommerce, then you might have to make some modifications in order for it to work. This mod was simply for a client of mine selling merchandise in a shopping cart so I wasn't concerned with downloads. Cobra, I'm glad you found the mod useful. As to your question, I'm not sure I fully understand the nature of your inquiry. Are you saying that if you login, then shop, then checkout with the "Proceed Directly to Checkout" option that you get an error? Not sure, anyway I tested my site and I can't get it to return an error no matter how I login/checkout. May be different for your site though as I have some options disabled. Mike
  4. The new mod is up and ready, I'm pretty sure its all there sorry if no. Its listed under the Contributions as 'Purchase Without Account v.0.55'. --Good Luck 8)
  5. I am going to sit down this morning and work out all the files that need to be in the new Mod, I just realized there is a new button probably more needs to be done. All apologies to any frustrations this has caused, the new mod should be up this afternoon. Mike
  6. Sorry about that, in the commotion it looks like I left one minor thing out of the ReadMe. You have to go into the /catalog/includes/modules/languages/english/login.php and add several definitions for the text. Here is a copy of my /catalog/includes/modules/languages/english/login.php file: <?php /* $Id: login.php,v 1.11 2002/06/03 13:19:42 hpdl Exp $ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright © 2002 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ if ($HTTP_GET_VARS['origin'] == FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT) { define('NAvb script:session_win();">[More Info]</a>'); ?>
  7. Hi, Sorry about that glich, I rezipped it and listed it as Purchase Without Account v0.54-fix. You can download it here: http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,550/type,3 Not too sure about your question as I don't use that capability. I'm inclined to think that it would depend on which option your customer uses as a checkout method. Not too sure though about that, do some testing and let us post your results here on the forum. I'd be interested to know what you find out. Mike :wink:
  8. Rich, you can find it here: http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,362/type,3 I wouldn't recommend this one though, I'd go with Purchase Without Account 0.53 instead. Reason being that withoutaccount1.2 was developed for an older snapshot, I believe it was back in February, the latter is for the latest build of OSCV2.2. I've completed a mod of v0.53 of Purchase Without Account and will be uploading it soon, it will include a more thourough ReadMe, as well as a 3 option login page. I'll try to get it up there by tomarrow. FYI: the link to Order_Info.php that goes in login.php has to be something like the following: <? echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link('Order_Info.php', '', 'SSL'); ?>">Click here</a> Note the tep_href_link, instead of tep_href function, otherwise returns undefined function. If you want to get fancy you can do a tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT, '', 'SSL'); type function and then go to your application_top.php and define FILENAME_CHECKOUT as Order_Info.php. This is what I did in mine so that I could use an image button to submit the page instead of a text link. To do this you need to do a few more steps but not much, I'll be submitting all this info in the mod that I upload soon. Mike
  9. Just to clarify I will list all the work I have done with Chen's mod: Upload the following files to following directories: /catalog/includes/modules/Order_Info_Process.php /catalog/includes/modules/Order_Info_Check.php /catalog/Order_Info_Process.php /catalog/Order_Info_Check.php /catalog/Order_Info.php Add the following link to /catalog/login.php: Begin***************************** <a href="Order_Info.php">Click here to Checkout Without Registering</a> *******************End That's it! That's all I did, if I need to do anything else at all it would be great if someone who knows could let me know. As it is now, my checkout system is just looping. It goes from login.php, to Order_Info.php, then I can tell it opens Order_Info_Process.php in the status bar but then takes me back to login.php to start all over. Thanks, Mike
  10. Ok, so I uploaded the following: /catalog/includes/modules/Order_Info_Process.php /catalog/includes/modules/Order_Info_Check.php /catalog/Order_Info.php /catalog/Order_Info_Process.php /catalog/Order_Info_Check.php ...then I added a link to the login.php page: <a href="Order_Info.php">Click here to Process your Order Without an Account</a> ...voila! IT STILL DON"T WORK??!! by saying, "call 'Order_Info.php' from your login.php somewhere. " does he mean call it as an include, or call it as in a relative link with HTML? Anybody who has this working, please let me know how you did it. Thanks, Mike
  11. mthierfelder

    withoutaccount v.1.2

    Yes, I am aware that Cheng has posted another mod that will do the same basic thing. His script is not well prepared and the install instructions are difficult to follow. He says in there "make a link to Order_Info.php somewhere on your login page" and that's about it. I tried his method and it didn't work for me. Since Mark Russel's version is for an earlier build then I guess there's not much point in working with his mod. Ok, so I'll just grin and bear it :o and use Chen's work to get the job done. It would be nice though, if there were a more user friendly interface for Chen's script, as it is now, its just a fast and dirty type operation. Suggestions welcome, but not always appreciated. Mike
  12. mthierfelder

    withoutaccount v.1.2

    I've been trying to get my OsCommerce site to work with this mod that supposedly will give the user the option to 1) create an account at checkout time, 2) sign in on prexisting account at checkout time, 3) Go through checkout without an account. It looks really nice and would provide a lot of conveniance IF IT WORKED! I get to the login.php page and upon continuing with any option it will simply loop me back to the login page, with this as the URL: "http://secure.cclhosting.com/~icecold/catalog/login.php?/catalog//action=process&email_address=&osCsid=e91060549cc8896aac50b4da81c8467c" I'm a bit confused by the "catalog//action=" part, and I think this may be part of the problem...I'm not a good enough programmer to understand exactly how the code works. Does anyone have this mod working for them, or have any suggestions? Greatly appreciated. Mike
  13. mthierfelder

    withoutaccount v.1.2

    I'm sorry to say I got my own URL wrong :lol: . Here is the correct one: https://secure.cclhosting.com/~icecold/cata...talog/login.php --MIke
  14. I checked out Purchase without accountv.53. and I can't say its very pleasing asthetically, and it kind of leaves you in the dark by saying..."just put a link to Order_Info.php somewhere on your login page". I suppose you can't really be demanding with open source material, but it would be great for us up and comers to be able to have something that had more complete instructions, or was more fully developed. I checked out withoutaccount.1.2.zip which claims the same results. It has a much nicer interface, offering 3 options for checkout: 1) create an account, 2) sign in on existing account, 3) proceed without an account. I have had trouble getting this one to work though. Choosing any of the above options and submitting just loops me back to the login page so I'm kind of stumped at this point. I probably just need to go through the code and pick through it with a fine toothed comb to find the problem. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions they'd be welcome. My login page is at: https://secure.cclhosting.com/~icecold/cata...talog/login.php --Mike
  15. :x I don't mean to sound ignorant, but when I tried to set up this mod, after having read all the posts in this forum I got it to work. Only thing is is that when you click the link from the login.php page to Order_Info.php page, you still have to fill out all the required information. How is this supposed to be more conveniant, or what is it supposed to solve. Maybe I need something else, I need to find a way to avoid having to log in, or fill out personal information in order to make a purchase. If anyone has a suggestion, I'd be glad to hear it.
  16. I have a client who gets tired of having to fill out all the personal information just to make a simple purchase. he has requested me to make oscommerce with no login, and no account required to shop. I'm no expert with PHP so I don't know where to start, or how to go about it :? I see some of you have been working on the same thing, if you get a working system it would be great if you could let me know somehow. Thanks, Mike