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    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Hi! Great Contribution! I've installed it to test it out. I noticed that a couple of the files in the list of modified files were missing from the package: admin/includes/boxes/catalog.php admin/includes/boxes/modules.php I also noticed that no changes were made to the column_left.php file in the admin folder to add the new vendors box. Once I added the box, I noticed first that the english and filnames files were not updated with the box information. I also noticed that the bottom link in the box, FILENAME_PRODS_VENDORS, doesn't seem to have a cooresponding file. Other than those things, the rest of the contribution seems to work great. I'm still working on some conflicts in the catalog pages I had between this contribution and another contribution I installed, so I haven't seen the whole thing in action, yet. Anyway, I wanted to mention these little things and see if those missing files will be added any time soon.