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    Minimum Advertised Price Module Support

    HELP!!! :'( Hi! I've installed the MAP Pricing Modual per manual install, and have checked here for updates or errors detected, but I still can't get the MAP to work in "What's New". Each time I've clicked it, the sale price appears instead of the MAP. I've been Looking at products_new.php, because this is where it appears in the URL, but?. Not sure what I'm looking for. Would you please take a look at my site and see if you can tell me what to fix? Or tell me what file and I'll post the code. I have had to turn off all of my MAP products for the time being, and have left the GARMIN ETREX CAMO, which is 3rd down in this list to try and fix it. http://www.giftsyouwanttokeep.com/ecommerc..._new.php?page=5 It appears properly in index.php as seen here: http://www.giftsyouwanttokeep.com/ecommerc...ex.php?cPath=24 As it does also when selected from the manufacture pull down: http://www.giftsyouwanttokeep.com/ecommerc...facturers_id=10 The mods I have installed include: Header Tags V2.4.3, Scrolling Specials Box, Scrolling Best Seller w/image , MS2-2.2 Site Map, and misc. others which do not appear to affect the same pages for installation. My SHOPPE is live! :blush: ANY HELP!??? Very MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Mahalo!