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  1. php4ever

    new person question

    Bampson in most cases custom templates from template clubs also include an installer with pre-modded or customized osCommerce, CRELoaded or osCMax type source files so "product id #55" could very well have been the result of such a thing. A good thing to remember is that osCommerce templates are really just modified core files unless you are using one of the template systems so when people sell pre made designs a lot of work has gone into customization (which would explain the average cost of $150+) As Jack had said, depending on where you see that product banner image is the file you want to edit. The alternative I've recently come up with all our commercial work is to use database driven image rotators with some PHP that gives end users the option to dynamically point images to their intended product pages. This saves a ton of work in tech support. Just remember to keep a backup of all your code before modification. Best Regards ~ Jared
  2. php4ever

    Please help

    Yep, excellent advise Jessica, lots and lots of people delete code only to later panic when something doesn't work. ~ Jared
  3. php4ever

    Getting Paid for Template Work, Encrypt

    Wicky all those things you say are true however I rarely work on small individual jobs and my price is so low as to be competitive that things like legal pursuits and small claims court would cost me more time and money than just encrypting my work until final payment. 90% of all my work is for large template houses and template clubs that buy in bulk from me. They contract for 10, 15, 20+ designs and I never have to worry about payment even though that they re brand and sell our work they can afford it. I mean the average custom job is under $500+ on design and full blown projects that include custom icons, LDAP and SSL integration rarely if ever tops out above $1,000 unless I'm asked to maintain the project in a support capacity as I do for a few counties and school districts that hire us. So, encryption is an easy way to just save time and I figured I'd share it with everyone in case someone ever had a need to distribute demo templates and encrypt them. I'm adding code like that to 50+ OpenRealty templates when I release them so anyone can download them and try them before they buy. Once were done with the automated serial numbering and encryption with the IonCube tool I think it will demonstrate its value well. Check out the code you will find it works well for time expiring a file. ~ Jared P.S. Thanks for your reply
  4. How to get paid by time locking your templates I like to get paid when hired to do a job, maybe I'm strange because of it. But when I trust someone to pay me after a project is done, it irritates me when I get burned. I rarely request a deposit unless I'm after special files, photos or other things which will incur an expense up front. I recently designed an XHTML / CSS osCMax template that was to have a custom random flash rotator all fully XML controlled for a guy, which is the good part. I mean how many osCommerce sites have you seen with an XML controlled featured product rotator? None that I found. It was so clean that employees could login in, add new banners to their featured products inventory, add the link and hit submit and the slide show would cycle featured products with links. I mean how easy can it get for this person. Well I never got paid because they said they couldn't afford my work but promised they wouldn't use my code. :angry: Yeah, BS! We came up with a small php solution to stop this repeat event from happening. So before you get burned by being a competent trusting coder or designer, do this; encrypt and time lock your code. Anytime you want to deliver a design for a client to load up and test on his machine (common request even by scammers) you simply encrypt the code below the doctype all the way down into the <body> somewhere say about half way just for good measure. But do so ONLY AFTER you include the little snippet below. How do I encrypt? Zend and IonCube are great investments. I own a license of IonCube and its great but if you don't want to spend the $$ then use a product I purchased a few years ago that works dandy. You can visit http://www.jaredritchey.com/codelock/ and select SEGMENT on the right to paste in your PHP or HTML code type to encrypt. (REMEMBER to keep a backup of your unencrypted code. I'm not even going to tell you how foolish I was by forgetting that a year ago) So using my codelock tool on my site is fine just don't attempt to use other methods because all of the directories have been CHMOD 644 and will likely not encrypt your code. So where is this time lock code? To begin with create a file called time.php or getservertime.php and add the following PHP code to get the server time. <?php echo time(); ?> Next after you upload that to a server and access it in your browser you will get a long server time date back which we will use now as the "START DATE" for the time lock. The code below is fully commented so you can examine it and all you do is create a expiration date like this. If you want to give them 7 days to try your product then its; 7 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds = 604800 for a 7 day trial That number "604800" is going to be placed in the end trial variable. Lets look at the code below; <?php //PHP Code for timelock: // add the following code to your project. // the time reflects the linux / unix time using the simple echo time(); // the $start_trial time is the current time or the time I create the trial period to begin. $start_trial = 1157044256; // to add the trial time you multiply days times hours times minutes times seconds so // it would be 7x24x60x60=604800 for a 7 day trial. // add echo time(); to a file called time.php to get server time. //$end_trial = $start_trial + 604800; $end_trial = $start_trial + 604800; $current_time = time(); $remaining_trial = $end_trial - $current_time; if ($current_time > $end_trial) { die('Your demo has expired. Jared would like to get off the government cheese program, <a href="http://www.jaredritchey.com" target="_blank">Pay The Man!</a> You will then receive the unlock files'); } ?> Once you get your server time (AKA: start time) and enter your trial time you simply paste that code above in the header of your PHP or HTML (parsed by php) file. It can be in as many php files in your package as you like you highlight the code, copy it, paste it into the encryptor (after you save an original) you encrypt it, paste it back into your document, save it, deliver it and GET PAID. Because if you don't they get a message that instructs them to where ever you want. Now I did make a version that sends you an email of the install location the first time its installed but some people get psychotic about that one. I did that when I would sell a template only to have it passed around like Paris Hilton. So I changed my method to encrypt a portion of the code by using PHP Includes and a domain lock in my templates. This saves headaches from being ripped off and it doesn't put a dent in the XHTML or CSS validation of the layout. The above method however does. Is this a surefire way to solve this issue. No! any clever person can just recreate the header area of your template and any portion they feel should be required duping your efforts. However its difficult to do so and if you use dependent external includes, each encrypted as well, the task is daunting and it would be better if they just used PayPal to enjoy their new design. ~ Jared
  5. php4ever

    CSS Menu

    You know there is a cleaner easier to use menu I have in my snippets DB but My PHP skills are not quite there and if anyone can comprehend the PHP for this CSS menu and alter it for my CSS Menu I know it will work cleaner and faster. This one WILL allow you to add items to custom pages or even custom links. If anyone can step up and assist I'd be happy to get this rolling. ~ Jared
  6. php4ever

    CSS Menu

    Honestly I finally got frustrated with it and decided to use a smaller simpler CSS Menu and have my programmer start working on it. I'll post it as a contribution when its done but the idea is to take this MUCH LIGHTER CSS MENU and its cleaner and make it a stand alone that can operate as a menu on any page with dynamic oscommerce data and work in oscommerce too. If it works like I know it will I'll have him then take the menu manager he did for open-realty which is based on the Typo3 menu manager and make it work for osCommerce. Then with an admin based menu management you get to add what code is used for your menu markup. I'll post more on it today on my blog. I just can't get this contribution to work even on a bare naked fresh install of oscommerce. ~ Jared
  7. php4ever

    CSS Menu

    Has anyone successfully added this to either template system?
  8. php4ever

    BTSv1.2 Support

    Ok I posted more details on my blog and I posted a download in the download area of my blog. I'll upload the file when I get back. ~ Jared
  9. php4ever

    BTSv1.2 Support

    Variable Columns using BTS. 2 columns or 3 columns variable depending on page. Well I'm not sure it matters and I dont know if anyone cares but unless there is something I've over looked then BTS does not allow you to vary the number of columns on a page by page basis. I searched, and I posted with no one bothering to answer so I created one using simple PHP and I'll publish an article on it on my blog after I get off work today. For those interested in "VARIABLE NUMBER OF COLUMNS USING BTS" where you can determine what pages get two columns and what pages get three columns then please feel free to visit. I'd post it here but I have serious trouble with finding what I need using this forums search feature. http://www.jaredritchey.com ~ Jared
  10. Installed without a hitch but the old info is still showing under "new product for april" You can see an example here Example of problem Any ideas as to why this is still showing up. I've tried everything. Jared
  11. php4ever

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    www.compudar.com/_index.php I can't seem to find where the "Featured Products" mod is messing up. It still shows "New Products for April" in the box. Hmmm Any ideas
  12. php4ever

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    www.compudar.com/_index.php I can't seem to find where the "Featured Products" mod is messing up. It still shows "New Products for April" in the box. Hmmm Any ideas
  13. php4ever

    How do I change BTS Product layout?

    I'd like to see that myself.
  14. php4ever


    Thanks Mark; Would that explain Because it just does not like to function as expected. Jared
  15. php4ever


    here is one I've never seen before; http://www.compudar.com The CoolMenu when an item is selected displays an error and a series of "n" letters depending on the item. Any thoughts or ideas. Jared