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  1. Saniphelia - did you ever get your issues fixed?
  2. jonmck

    mass image upload to image folder

    I would also like this....
  3. I think I posted in the wrong category...please close
  4. I am no coder....so I am sure it is MUCH harder than I make it sound. But it seems that you could edit the php page that contains the attributes for the products and assign an image to each font choice in the drop down menu. So when a user selects a font from the drop down menu, the code would call the image and it would appear on the page. Any ideas? THANKS!
  5. We would like a font that changes the text to show you the sample font that you have selected. Example: http://www.leavesandletters.com/product_in...products_id=443 or http://www.leavesandletters.com/product_in...;products_id=46 Please choose different fonts from the drop down menus in order to see the sample font change. Would it be possible to have whatever text that the customer types in the name/monogram field to show the sample fonts in the typed text? Does that make sense? Basically, if I typed in Jonathan McKenzie in the name field and then chose a font from the drop down menu….I would see “Jonathan McKenzie” in the font that I selected. If I then chose a different font from the drop down menu…it would then show “Jonathan McKenzie” in a different font. If that is not possible…then I guess we will go with the way the above site (www.leavesandletters.com) has it....any idea how to do that? It simply calls an image for each font that is selected from a drop down menu.
  6. I know you can sort products/shop by price or by brand/manufacturer.....but is there a way to shop by occasion? We would like customers to be able to sort products by price, brand and occasion (such as birthday, wedding, baby, etc.). So we will need a way to specify the different occasions for each product item. For example, if we create a new product that is a “personalized cup”, we could assign the occasions “wedding” and “birthday” and when a customer shops by “birthday”…the cup would show up. Or if they were to shop by “wedding”, the cup would also show up. If they shopped by “baby”….the cup would not show up. Is this something that is possible with a contribution???
  7. jonmck

    Gift Certificate

    I would also like to know...
  8. i also need this, but didn't really follow what I am supposed to do. Any help would be appreciated....I am willing to pay someone a small fee to do this for me...
  9. someone said that the normal affiliate module should do this, but I am not sure. I will play around with it more, but if you can shed some light on this issue....please do. Thanks!