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  1. Hi, I am proud of this contribution and I have installed version 5.16 together with those bug fix. However , when I am working on the it. I have admin side 1) The tree view from the admin did not show up Catalog side 1) I have the following error during check out i ) Warning: Missing argument 1 for javascript_validation() in /home/vhcs2/www/virtual/dog-cow.com/htdocs/shopec/includes/classes/payment.php on line 109 ii) Fatal error: Call to undefined function: credit_selection() in /home/vhcs2/www/virtual/dog-cow.com/htdocs/shopec/checkout_payment.php on line 356 i foud the fuctions had been defined in ot_gv and ot_coupon. Do I need to do something else in enable them ? Because of ii) I cannot do futher test of the CCGV, I would be apprecaited if there is anyone can help. Thanks Calvin :blush:
  2. calvintcow

    [Contribution] Define Content 1.x Support

    Hello, I am very proud of this contrib, thanks. I have installed it successfully and is trying out something. I found that: 1) I cannot see the upcoming products on the main page (it is a module) 2) I installed the Wolfen Featured set, it also cannot be displated (it is a module) I try to copy the code from the module and paste it into the content area, but i got error when I run it There will be more modules will be installed and display on the first page. here is the page. http://dog-cow.com/shopec On the other hand, I will installed some more contrib. which are in a module mode. I am a dummy in php and trying to understand the languages but it is a high time for me to put things up. At least the core stuff. Please advise what I can do with the modules stuff. again. I am really proud of this contrib and I like to use it for long. In future, may be I can use it for product_info page. Calvin
  3. calvintcow

    [STS] My Account and Checkout

    Did you check the PHP log ?