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  1. jahwise


    anyone know if there is a way to sync UPS online with OScommerce? It takes forever to input the addresses...does anyone know of a way to somehow grab the info from OS and input it into the UPS online with the click of a button? thanks, -taylor
  2. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,122
  3. what about just lowering the prices of all of the products? is there a way around this besides changing each individual price? i want the prices to showing up as 20% lower for all 45,000 of my products...any ideas? -taylor
  4. jahwise

    EP not splitting file...

    WHAT ABOUT THIS: can anyone think of a script that would search through my 45,000 plus products and automatically turn those products which dont have images OFF and unlist them in the shopping cart ? (they have the image names in the excel, but the images themselves are not uploaded yet) This would save me an immense amount of time... -taylor
  5. jahwise

    EP not splitting file...

    are you sure you were able to get 10,000 to upload? i couldnt get 10,000 to upload...it kept timing out....even from the import temp file function... any suggestions? -taylor
  6. jahwise

    EP not splitting file...

    I am experiencing the same problem, i just added like 45,000 products to my ep file, before it had only 1200 products and it was uploading fine...but now that i have added all these new products in the csv file...it wont upload -- its too big i think...its like 17mb! I dont know what the split ep upload does...this is perhaps the one i should use? anyone know about this and can help? thanks, -taylor