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  1. My product title tags seem to be getting overridden by the default title set in includes > languages > english.php I have Header Tag generator installed on my site and this works for category-level, but my individual products are just given the generic page title as set in english.php. Nothing that I put in the header tags boxes for the products seems to show up. Can anyone point me in the right direction? See Reed Express
  2. I am using ANC to ship items from my store and they charge ?7.56 for the first 22lbs and then 29p for every 2lbs after that. I have set up shipping by table method and have laboriously typed up the weights and charges in increments of 1 kilo at a time thus: 22:7.56,25:7.85,27:8.14,30:8.72,32:9.01,34:9.30,37:9.59, HOWEVER, I can only go up to 88lbs before I run out of space and have already had an order for a very heavy item - the cart calculated that shipping was free because my table doesn't go up high enough. Is there some way that I can tell the cart that every 2lbs over 22lbs is charged a 29p? Surely there must be a way without having to type in every 2lb increment?
  3. I have a store using CRELoaded which has the header tags controller installed, but you cannot access it via Admin as you would with a normal OSc site with the contribution added. I have no complaints and it all works fine, but I would like to change the TITLE tag on the index.php page. This always defaults to the store name as seen in line 16 of header_tags.php define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL', STORE_NAME); I tried toggling line 21 of header_tags.php to off: // index.php define('HTTA_DEFAULT_ON','0'); // Include HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL in Title define('HTKA_DEFAULT_ON','1'); // Include HEAD_KEY_TAG_ALL in Keywords define('HTDA_DEFAULT_ON','1'); // Include HEAD_DESC_TAG_ALL in Description define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_DEFAULT', 'Pressure washers Karcher power washers steam cleaners'); in the hope that it would display the line you see above. What am I doing wrong and how can I achieve this?
  4. LisaT

    SSL & Worldpay

    I have a client who has already signed up for Worldpay, so I have no choice but to go with it. I just wondered whether I would still need to add SSL to my store if the actual credit card entry/processing will take place in the Worldpay environment?? I'd also quite like to see an example of how Worldpay integrates with OSc. Does anyone have a live OSc site using worldpay where I could see it in action?
  5. LisaT

    Giftwrap option not showing?

    Hi Grayson, No. I've looked through my files and I don't see any reference to SHIPPING at all. I must have a different gremlin in my system!!
  6. The default text for description and keywords are still appearing in my source code even though I heve deleted them from Text control in the Admin. panel. My source code looks like this: <META NAME="Description" Content="Gifts and presents for all occassions: wedding presents, birthday gifts osCommerce : What\'s New Here? - Hardware Software DVD Movies"> <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="Hardware Software DVD Movies What\'s New Here? Gifts and presents for all occassions: christmas gifts, wedding presents, birthday gifts"> See the default text in bold. How do I get rid of this?
  7. LisaT

    Giftwrap option not showing?

    Are there any known conflicts between this giftwrap cont. and STS? I successfully added teh giftwrap cont. to another site, but on my present site I find that the radio buttons and message areas are not shown in checkout_shipping.php. I've checked the code over and over and cannot see anything wrong. I've now had to remove the giftwrap code from my files. The only difference between the 2 sites is that the present one has STS installed. Any ideas??
  8. I've installed the giftwrap cont. and it's Ok except on checkout_shipping.php, the customer is not offered the choice of giftwrap or not. Please see Get the Giftand you will see what I mean. The giftwrap box is there, but not the radio selection button. Any idea what I've missed?
  9. I'm looking for a contribution that will enable me to offer a discount if a shopper buys a product in quantity - eg. buy 5 and get 10% off. Or perhaps even a buy 3 for the price of two. I've had a look through the contributions, but I don't see anything along those lines. Any ideas?
  10. I installed the more info in popup_image.php contribution and now find that the price displayed in the pop-up window displays an L instead of a ? sign. Any idea how I can change this? I don't have this problem anywhere else on the cart.
  11. I installed the more info in popup_image.php and find that I have an L displaying instead of a ? sign. It says on the cont. page to replace L with ? in my language files, but I don't see where I do this. I would also like to have the product description displaying in popup-image.php. Is this possible? If so, how do I do this?
  12. My client has requested that 1. popup images should be made available from the product listing page and 2. that the popup should contain the product description as well as the enlarged image. I've found a cont. that allows 1. above, and a cont. that allows you to input product price, and title, but not description. Is there are workaround here that will allow me to do exactly what the client requires?
  13. Nope. I don't see any product title tags when I select a product from the cart - eg.Walnut Wall Clock page. I can see them for categories, but not individual products. Any idea what I missed?
  14. I've installed this cont. and found that everything is OK except that the product title tags, descriptions, etc are not appearing. I can see them in admin, but not on my store. You can see the problem at Get the Gift Click on any product and you will see that the title tags are empty. Did I miss something during install?