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    Nope, I didn't find any solution so I've decided to install the contribution on a recent snapshot. It does get better, but I'm still unable to create an account hence to checkout. I will post here if any solution will show up.
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    Basic Template Structure v0.9

    Hi Brenden I've posted today my problem with your contribution, but by mistake not in here, but here http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...plate+structure So here I am again. Since I really like the idea I have installed a recent snapshot (29/05/2003) and then your contribution. No I'm able to go to the checkout, but not to create an account. All I get is the title of the page and the Note (If you already have an account with us, please login at the login page) and ...blank blank. Have any idea how to fix this? Thanks
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    Ups. I forgot one small detail. The contribution in question is Basic Template Structure v0.9 that can be found here. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1263 Sorry for this.
  4. I have installed this contribution, I like it, it makes my life much easier, but I have a big problem. No one is able to checkout or log in. When the account link or checkout is chosen all I get is a page-error. Not -Found The requested URL /catalog/FILENAME_COOKIE_USAGE was not found on this server. Where to look to correct this error. I couldn't even find where this FILENAME_COOKIE_USAGE is defined so I can try to correct it if it can be done. I'm using the stable release 2.2 MS1. Is the contribtuion compatible? Thanks
  5. Hi all I had a look in the forum but couldn't find an answer so... I've installed FAQDesk_v_1.0 under the stable version of osC and everything seems to work, but when want to insert a new FAQ the XP (my OS Apache is running on :D ) crushes, right after button "preview" is pushed. And of course no FAQ is present on the main catalog, only the empty category. I've installed (and unistalled) FAQDesk at least 4 times, just in case I miss something. No use. Can't post FAQ. Is only my XP or something else is wrong? Curios, if I just push "preview" without adding anything I get a preview of course with all fields empty. Please help. I really need this FAQ since I'me selling some electronics that need a lot of explanation and FAQdesk wil be perfect. Something else (maybe related). In the admin_insall instructions is stays that I should insert on the admin index file few lines: //BEGIN -- faqdesk array( 'title' => BOX_HEADING_FAQDESK, 'image' => 'catalog.gif', 'href' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_FAQDESK, 'selected_box=faqdesk'), 'children' => array( array('title' => FAQDESK_ARTICLES, 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_FAQDESK, 'selected_box=faqdesk')), array('title' => FAQDESK_REVIEWS, 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_FAQDESK_REVIEWS, 'selected_box=faqdesk')))), //END -- faqdesk When inserted and went to acces the admin I got a blabk screen. Then I so that at the end of the code is missing this ; I've added and get a normal screen. Question: where this code must be inserted? I've added the code right after line 56, as the last array. And as the last problem, at the screen where new FAQs can be inserted I have 3 brroken images, bellow FAQ Image(s):, under the flag images. Sorry guys for a long and maybe illogical post, but I'm only a PHP-biginner and really need help. Top
  6. I've did it - installed MS1. And works like a baby. Thanks for the contribution. :D top
  7. Well thank you anyway. Maybe I have to look at this page (checkout_succes.php since the problem is there. Or maybe it's a good idea to use the official stable release (MS1). It might be easier for me.
  8. I forgot to mention that I didn't do any changes in the application_top.php, but in the "filenames.php", since the <<define('FILENAME...>> functions are now on the last one.
  9. I've installed this usefull contribution on recent snapshot (from yesterday). It seems to work, but after the "confirm_ord." all I get is a big blank screen in sted of the usual "checkout_success.php". I've also notices that when choosing the checkout w./ account the next screen (the one where you have to fill out customer informations) the page seems to break up (left column dosen't show completley) and there is a huge blank space between the left column and the tabels with the customer informations. Any idea how to fix this (specially the blank screen problem)? Thnaks
  10. Hi I want to install Live Support contribution on the most recent snapshot. In the instruction file is says: >>Open 'includes/application_top.php' around line 86 you will see the following: define('FILENAME_UPCOMING_PRODUCTS', 'upcoming_products.php'); // This is the bottom of default.php (found in modules) just below that add the following line: ....... << The problem is that I can't find any of the lines in the application_top.php. Was this file changed? And if so, where did they moved those line, in wich file? I'm confused. Please help. At least, is there a way to find where the define functions were moved in newer version of OsC. top