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  1. alexrobonline

    Complete offline cc mod

    ditto! :)
  2. alexrobonline

    credit card help

    Hi Gareth, Thank you ever so much for this module - I'll have fun installing it! :) Alex
  3. alexrobonline

    credit card help

    The trouble with the supplied module is that it doesn't let someone collect the CCV number for the credit card either. Is there any module where we can customise what info is collected, for offline cc processing, or is there any module which has all the proper form fields in?! :) I'd greatly appreciate someone's help :) Best Wishes Alex
  4. alexrobonline

    Generic "Credit Card" Module - Offline Processing

    I think, the short answer is, the supplied cc mod is crap. I am after one which will get exactly all the details, so I can process offline too. Look at my post here, so we can start a campaign to get a mod going! http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=108248 Cheers ALex :D
  5. alexrobonline

    Complete offline cc mod

    The start date is when it is valid from. They have it on British cards, may not have them on USA based ones. No, I am wanting to get the ccv number too. So I need: Card Number (obvious) Expiry Issue number and CCV number Any help? Alex
  6. alexrobonline

    Complete offline cc mod

    Hi, Please can someone tell me if the following is available as a module from somewhere (I am on a secure connection and database, before you ask :)): I need to be able to collect the: > user's card type (I want to be able to put-in a drop-down menu, where they can select from different card types that I choose) > Their complete card number > Start date > Expiriry date > Issue Number (if applicable) > CCV Number I process cards through an online gateway myself, and it works fine on the phone, but with OSC, when I installed it, I realised that the supplied cc.php one just doesn't cut the mustard! If one of these doesn't exist, how much will it cost me to get one of you nice people to make one? :) Cheers! Alex