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  1. vrmant

    shipping problems

    i added the multiple flat rates but its not exactly what i need yet. DO you know of any way to have a flat shipping fee per ORDER. BUT if they purchase another item thats not a shirt - I need to offer the options of Ground, 2 Day, or Three day (which the multiple flat rates covers). Then if the order certain items i need to charge a handling fee - but only for certain items. Any ideas? Thanks again for the help.
  2. Is there an easy way to add a handling fee only when customers buy certain items - i only have to charge a handling fee for some custom items people order. I dotn want to charge them a handing fee for all items as it is not necessary. Thanks, vrmant
  3. vrmant

    shipping problems

    Thank Terry - I will give that one a shot.
  4. vrmant

    shipping problems

    I just saw this forum and copied mny post here....sorry. Hi, The store i am setting up sells shirts and items. This is how i want my shipping set up but i dont know if its at all possible... 1. when a customer buys 1 shirt i charge 6.95 for shipping. 2. When a customer buys any number of shirts i charge 6.95 for shipping per order - not per shirt. So 5 shirts = 6.95, 19 shirts = 6.95. Its my way of encouraging customers to buy more shirts. 3. When a customer buys an "item" i charge $10.00 for ups ground, $25.00 for 2 day air, or $45.00 for next day air. 4. I also use the same formula for items as i do for shirts. So if they order more than one item the charge stays the same for ground, 2 day air, or next day air shipping. My question is, there must be a shipping module that can do this and allow me to customize my shipping this way. If not, what would someone charge to make it for me? Please let me know, vrmant