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  1. linnecards

    Return from PP - The Final Word?

    I would any info regarding this. Several times I day I have to tell a customer to go back and check out again. It's annoying and time consuming and makes me look stupid for not having an easier checkout. <_<
  2. linnecards

    Multiple Table Rates

    That is the file you need to update. If you don't you will see that message on your site. You can change it to anything you wish.
  3. linnecards

    US and Canda shipping

    Thanks, this worked great!
  4. linnecards

    Multiple Table Rates

    This does work. And it's pretty easy. Here is the link
  5. linnecards

    Multiple Table Rates

    I just tried this and got error codes. I want to achieve something similar with giving the option of insuring their order or not. I will try the next option.
  6. linnecards

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I just found this through a search. Can I use this with a mac?