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  1. Great contribution! Any idea on how to show the discount on the shopping_cart page, near the Sub Total? I'm at a loss as to how to do this :(
  2. InternetKev

    fast easy checkout

    I'm not quite sure where to begin diagnosing this problem: Two consecutive CC buyers made purchases within about 70 minutes of each other. - Both opted to register. - Both ordered different items. - Both received the SAME Invoice number!!! - Both turned up in the Authorize.net successful capture list, with the same invoice id, but different session ids. - ONLY ONE is listed in the database: the second buyer. Any ideas? - Fast Easy Checkout is installed. - Authorize.net 1.8 contrib is installed as well. - Several other contributions are also installed.
  3. InternetKev


    I am very interesting in reviving this thread -- Endicia. I understand that DaZzle can handle clipboard imports, however I would like a more seemless interaction between OSC and Endicia / DaZzle.
  4. InternetKev

    Bundled products

    Bundled Products and Attributes Issue I think I found the solution. In my case, the problem occurred on product_info.php. This is what would happen: 1. Purchase a product bundle, with attributes, like giftwrap 2. Go to the shopping cart 3. Notice an attribute that needed editing 4. Attempt to return to bundle on product_info.php, only to receive an SQL error message. The error looks like it comes from the currly brackets { } next to the product ID. This is the code that I edited (the only edit is the bold (int) before the $HTTP_GET_VARS...): echo TEXT_PRODUCTS_BY_BUNDLE . "</td></tr>"; $bundle_query = tep_db_query(" SELECT pd.products_name, pb.*, p.products_bundle, p.products_id, p.products_price, p.products_image FROM products p INNER JOIN " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . " pd ON p.products_id=pd.products_id INNER JOIN " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_BUNDLES . " pb ON pb.subproduct_id=pd.products_id WHERE pb.bundle_id = " . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] . " and language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'"); ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm not getting any SQL errors anymore on product_info.php. I hope this helps! :)
  5. InternetKev

    MOECTOE Suite public BETA 1 Support

    I've been considering the Order Editor contribution, http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1435 however MOECTOE Suite seems very promising. Are there any updates planned for MOECTOE?
  6. InternetKev

    Option Type Feature v1.6 (for osc 2.2 MS2)

    I did the following while QA'ing the Option Type install: 1. buy a product and set several of its attributes. 2. go to the shopping cart. 3. return to the product to make an attribute edit. When I returned, all the attributes were all missing / lost. I noticed that they were successfully being passed in the URL string, but not collected on the product's page. The URL String looks like: product_info.php?products_id=39{3}27{txt_4}This%20is%20line%2001.This%20is%20line%2002. I figured the issue is on the product_info.php, but .... I think my mind has quit for the night! Any ideas? :)
  7. InternetKev

    Option Type Feature v1.6 (for osc 2.2 MS2)

    Looks like I found it in includes/classes/order.php: Original (well, on a seriously modified site) 'value' => $attributes['products_options_values_name'], From order.php from install files: 'value' => $attr_value,
  8. InternetKev

    Option Type Feature v1.6 (for osc 2.2 MS2)

    What file and line was it Tara?
  9. InternetKev

    fast easy checkout

    Thanks Mike for the information. It helped a lot! I also had to make one more edit to form_check.js.php Code from Fast Easy Checkout "upload complete" folder, with minor edits to the check_password function in bold (basically added $createaccount to the list of variables being checked): //fast easy checkout begin edit function check_password(field_name_1, field_name_2, field_size, message_1, message_2, $createaccount) { if (form.elements[field_name_1] && (form.elements[field_name_1].type != "hidden")) { var password = form.elements[field_name_1].value; var confirmation = form.elements[field_name_2].value; if (password == '' || password.length < field_size) { error_message = error_message + "* " + message_1 + "\n"; if ($createaccount == 'Y') error = true; } else if (password != confirmation) { error_message = error_message + "* " + message_2 + "\n"; if ($createaccount == 'Y') error = true; } } } //fast easy checkout end edit
  10. InternetKev

    fast easy checkout

    I recently removed PWA .82 and installed Fast Easy Checkout because of better page flow. Unfortunately, I'm getting an javascript error in Win Explorer but not Win Firefox on the create_account.php page if I decide to not create an account (the error doesn't appear if I choose to create an account): Java Script Error Description: '$createaccount' is undefined Source: http://*****/create_account.php Line: 72 I've checked form_check.js.php and it looks good. The Fast Easy edits are in place. Although I do receive the Java Script error when I press Continue, I am taken to the checkout_shipping.php page. Any suggestions would be great. :)
  11. >_< After comparing more closely my admin/categories.php to the the stock HTC version, I found a misplaced edit.
  12. I've been having a problem with Header Tags Controller 2.5.3 and 2.5.4. When a product is edited, specifically changed to out of stock, the product looses (changed to null) its product_name. I had to go into the database to re-add it. I've checked all my HTC edits, and can't find anything incorrect. I paid special attention to the admin/categories.php code edits, but everything is what the HTC instructions say they should be. Thanks for any advice!
  13. InternetKev

    STS Live Examples

    I am still unsure about using STS. It would be great to see sites that successfully use STS. Thanks!