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  1. spektral

    Using Paypal without an account

    Hello, Firsty i want to say sorry if this is a common question. Ive been searching for about 30 minutes and cant find anything about it. But im sure its been asked before. Basically the issue is when your passed over from OSC to paypal I am confronted with the paypal login box to the right and a small sentance telling people to click here if you dont have a Paypal account on the left When you click the link it opens the fields to enter your address and payment details. A couple of days ago i did a noob test with my parents and their friends on the site and 3 out of the 5 of them got stuck at this login screen. My question is, is there a way to make it go directly from OSC to the screen with the login box to the right and the address/payment form on the left without having to click the link? Thanks for any help you can provide, Matt heres a couple of images. This first one shows what it currently shows. This is the what i want it to display without having to click the i dont have an account link
  2. hi, ive sorry i posted this in the other topic. I didnt realise it was ment to be here: When i do step 3 in the instructions "Fire up your browser and run /catalog/links_setup.php, to update your database." i keep getting the message "Parse error: parse error, unexpected ',' in /home/abdhqx/public_html/links_setup.php on line 69". Ive looked at the code but i only really have a basic knoledge of php so i might be missing something.
  3. hi, ive posted this in another topic didnt realise this was here: 1ST POST 2ND POST 3RD POST Is this error due to me tampering with the code in the links_setup.php file? I really havnt got a clue! Cheers Matt
  4. spektral

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi, im getting the following error message when i go to admin/froogle.php: Warning: ftp_login(): Login incorrect. in /home/abdhqx/public_html/admin/froogle.php on line 320 FTP connection has failed! Attempted to connect to hedwig.google.com for user spektral Script timer: 0.840720 seconds. Ive checked the username/pw. Any idea why this is? Cheers Matt.c