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  1. @@ArtcoInc Is it the text or onHover color that changes incorrectly, either way, have you just simply marked that particular element in the style as !important? Looks like maybe .dropdown-menu > .dropdown > a:after, .dropdown-submenu > a:after may need something like color: #cccccc !important More than likely an existing rule in the Bootstrap CSS is overriding it, its probably a matter of targeting that specific selector, even if it means applying the rules all the way into a nested level. May need to list all levels in the css to get it, like: .navbar-nav > li > .dropdown-menu > li > a:hover { your rules here } Or maybe just simpler with the Important rule: .dropdown-submenu > a:hover { your rules here !important; }
  2. I love how this has come along. Amazing what can happen by leaving code snippets laying around a forum. :thumbsup:
  3. I see lots of work went into your site. Good job keeping it together. You have to much going on with the scrolling though. All the scrolling items scroll at the same time and is a big distraction and will not be very welcoming to users with certain impairments/disabilities. See for accessibility guidelines. No one really cares how much space your saving by using hidden elements that scroll into focus. It looks neat, but if one is interested they will click further. Good job implementing newsdesk. That is an old monster.
  4. hmmm, we may need a new thread for all the 2.4 talk. Weve kind of hijacked the BS community thread. Too much BS I guess.
  5. @@kymation :thumbsup: Yes that is, Ive played with it and got so far, but I think its more powerful than just what that example shows - reading through the latest classes I see where it has actions and execution. I would to see how it would handle a page, like contact us for example, I want to see how it would route the output after the submit form action is initiated. Kind of like was started here:
  6. @@ShaGGy As mentioned, there will be compatibility. IMO - HPDL has been too generous in insuring addons have stayed compatible from version to version. Without a compatibility layer the minimal changes I foresee needing to be done to make an old addon work: MySQL queries - They need to be changed to take advantage of the PDO driver. End result - faster & more secure. HTML functions - rather than tep_draw_* it would change to HTML:: or OSCOM:: - End result - can easily be overwritten, extended, or replaced by including your own class. Defines - No more more FILENAME_WHATEVER or TABLE_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH - End result, less processing by the program. Other than those things, the older addons can still follow the same installation procedures as before. However, with the newer framework, we wont have to hack the core and as a result we will probably start seeing better addons. I think that alone will attract more users, both shop owners and dev's. Ive worked on tons of osC sites through the years, I was inspired to become a web dev thanks to osC and a couple members on this forum, but I tell you - I'm also tired of hacking at core to do things. I try not too - I extend and bend where I can - The new code base - beautiful - write a class, upload it, watch things change. BAM! If an end user doesn't want to use the program because it changed, they can and will find another software. But if the software doesn't change, they still can and will find another software. Really, osCommerce has been great through the years, your not going to find an ecommerce software with such a broad range of server compatibility and customization ready base. Look how many forks have branched off of osC. But now what are those forks doing? Nothing really, they have reached EOL - all the 500 addons they pulled straight from the contribution section has caught up with them. Now they are all outdated and osC is the only one that has advanced its code base so as not to get outdated, yet it also seems like osC is the one that has took the most crap. Can't win for loose they say. Anyway, as all can see, there is going to be compatibility, there is all the effort of the community build rolled in, and there is new modern code. Compare the new code to other open source software out there - Ive been reading it for 2 weeks straight. Its well ahead of anything right now. PHP7 - no problem, 2 years from now - PHP10 - probably good to go there as well.
  7. @@MrPhil Much of the community version was imported for use.
  8. @@Harald Ponce de Leon Is it possible we can get an example page using the hooks/apps? Preferably something like the contact_us. I would like to see how the actions would be constructed in this method. I see code for an execute action but can quite figure out how to trigger it.
  9. I think there are a lot of opinions on what certified developers could mean. When I think about it, I don't feel as if it should be a requirement for submitting an addon, Anyone should still be able to write and submit an addon. I think of it more in terms that if you are certified, then that is something you can use to show the public that you know what you are doing with osCommerce code and they can have confidence in dealing with you on a commercial basis. A lot of things could define that certification, and if you/your dev company starts to do sloppy work, there could be a revocation of your certification. It would also help to have that little badge in the addons as well. Rather than have to click on @@Jack_mcs username and see a list of his downloads after I first find one of his downloads so I can click the name, I can just "sort by certified" and there are all his addons in the list.
  10. I'm going to eat some crow here with my previous words about the new code being a bit much. That statement HPDL made about information on the App framework - it makes a big difference. Now that ive looked further in App area of the code, I see it's really right on course and has been well thought out. It looks like you can easily hook into any page, by writing a class file that goes into a directory specific to either the Shop or Admin, then call the class in with a hook. Also seems to have the ability to override depending which directory you place your code in? Custom dir? How about that new application top? Sweet. This is almost a completely new beast, yet familiar enough in structure at the same time. @@Harald Ponce de Leon You should just version it at V4 after it reaches its certain milestone. The codes mature enough and it did borrow from V3, therefore that places it ahead of V3, no? Whats left in 3 that the Git Branch doesn't have? A customer object - Looks great! :thumbsup:
  11. Not really, but trying to be modest. I actually haven't used anything without modifying it, but give 20% for the idea and/or starting point. Exactly! Better for the entire community.
  12. I, for one, am certainly happy to see the changes happening in OSC core. No more filename defines is freaking great. No longer have to write FILENAME_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH to keep in the projects standards when writing code. But besides that, the main benefit being less define(s) and interpretations. A small but beneficial micro-optimization. So someone found a bug, albeit a small bug that apparently reared its head on a 1.99 per month bucket host, still a bug. I see that bug was reported as an issue with link to how to correct. That's great. And it looks as though an answer was given that said the area it involves was going to change soon. What more is there to worry about? And that's all small stuff: How about that new code? Anyone been following HPDL's Git? IMO it's a little much, I would scale back some of the changes and rethink it a bit, However - its freaking good stuff going on. 100% F*#@ing great. All the new code is modern and following what standards we do have for PHP. I guarantee its faster, better efficient, and has a long term future. So speaking of code and future, as a result of the new code base changes, every addon currently available will not work without being rewritten. But so what? I rewrite over 80% of things I find in the addons section anyway. osC has kept the core the same for far too long, and much of the reason has probably been to satisfy those who rely on the addons, or those who do not want to see a more modular way of installing addons. (You cant charge as much to push a $button). Its well past time to change core. Everyone knows it. There's those that welcome the change, then there's those that will bitch and cry-baby about it. In creating the responsive community edition, we've pretty much seen that. If the main core would have changed - what - 5 or 6 years ago, people would have bitched about their addons not working then, and devs would have cried about loosing business, but you know what? That would have been then, and now would look a lot different. Inevitably things are going to look different. Good luck to osC, its great, and it always will be. One way or another.
  13. Looks good @@Gergely Dont know why I didnt see this before - Thank you!
  14. @@ShaGGy That is what I tried, but cannot duplicate the issue. Redirects back to product as should, and removes from cart by enter 0 and update or the remove button. What PHP version are you on?
  15. @@ShaGGy I cannot duplicate this. Perhaps it is your sessions settings, or server setup. But with the redirect to homepage issue happening, it could possibly be your cookie path set in configure file. I did however notice that if not using update button when removing items from cart, the message stack alerting that item has been removed does not show up.