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  1. Speaking of which, any interest in a footer module area? I added a call in the infoBoxes to select footer, and then a short jQuery wrap function to help keep the widths identical to the infoBoxes in the left and right column. http://wsfive.com/bs-master/index.php In my example I have information, best sellers and a new banner box. You'll notice that the banner spans the area that would normally fit 2 infoBoxes. When the banner box is loaded, jQuery picks up on it and changes the col-md-* class. However, if the banner were to be loaded in left/right column then it would just fit like any other infoBox -( of course the banner would need changed to one made to fit there_.
  2. http://wsfive.com/bs-master/index.php so far, more in the works. header search form, language dropdown, currency dropdown, and navbar greeting are all done using a function, just place a simple call in and show it. Planning to do the same with the shopping cart. By the time the header is filled up, there wont be many infoBoxes left to display!
  3. Updating the layout from my local now. Lot -o- changes, but basically same look. I'll post when done.
  4. @@burt So this is doing away with the product_reviews_info page? That is really not needed anyhow. I like how it is looking, but would recommend just stacking the reviews as a list, and add an anchor text using the review ID. Then when viewing just a specific review from the main reviews page, (if applicable) the product_info page, the anchor id can be appended to the url so it lands on the proper review. I think pagination could become a problem unless a function were wrote that figures the exact page based on the number of reviews for that product divided by the page results setting?
  5. yes, but the site is being worked on, so depending when you look it could be errored out, same place as before: http://wsfive.com/bs-master/ It has been applied to the categories box so far.
  6. I was playing around with the bootstrap collapse classes, following along with navbar-collapse. I redid them and and applied to an infoBox and it works out very well with no change in any javascript functions. So if you go into a smaller viewport the infoBox will collapse, just like a nave menu, leaving the button to open it the infoBox Content beneath. This may be a good way of saving room while still letting the user pick which content they want to see. I think it is better than applying a hidden class because the content still has to load even if hidden and this at least will let one see what loaded, while saving space.
  7. best_sellers <-- Very useful categories <-- Extremely Useful currencies <-- Needs separate function for plug and play use elsewhere information <-- Extremely Useful languages <-- Needs separate function for plug and play use elsewhere manufacturer_info <-- Needs separate function for plug and play use elsewhere manufacturers <-- Very useful order_history <-- Very useful product_notifications <-- Needs separate function for plug and play use elsewhere product_social_bookmarks <-- Needs separate function for plug and play use elsewhere reviews <-- Very useful search <-- Needs separate function for plug and play use elsewhere shopping_cart <-- Needs separate function for plug and play use elsewhere specials <-- Very useful whats_new <-- Very useful ################################ customer_greeting - - - needs a different position, like the header With that said I feel everything is already there in a box should just remain to appease those who want to use them. But the items I marked as plug and play functions, most can be fir into the header, or even footer, as you do find on a lot of sites. By plug in play im not really thinking of coding osc_template functions all over the header and footer, just writing a function and placing it where you want it to show. If anyone looks on my testing site I placed earlier, you can see a bit more what I'm talking about, though its generally become a scratchpad of ideas now and may or may not be broken when you visit it.
  8. osc_db_query still exist in bm_categories module. Love the category_tree class
  9. Was creating some functions for use in header/nav-bar. I need a third eye on this: //// // return currency dropdown menu function tep_navbar_currencies() { global $PHP_SELF, $currencies, $HTTP_GET_VARS, $request_type, $currency; if (substr(basename($PHP_SELF), 0, 8) != 'checkout') { if (isset($currencies) && is_object($currencies) && (count($currencies->currencies) > 1)) { reset($currencies->currencies); $currencies_array = array(); while (list($key, $value) = each($currencies->currencies)) { $currencies_string .= '<li><a href="' . tep_href_link(basename($PHP_SELF), tep_get_all_get_params(array('id' => $key, 'text' => $value['title'])) . 'currency=' . $key, $request_type) . '">' . $value['title'] .'</a></li>'; } $currencies_link = '<li class="dropdown"><a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">' . TEXT_NAVBAR_CURRENCIES_TITLE . ' <b class="caret"></b></a>' . ' <ul class="dropdown-menu">' . $currencies_string . ' </ul>' . ' </li>'; return $currencies_link; } } } It works as is, but I am wondering if the hidden variables as found in the function to submit the select form of currencies, is necessary.
  10. @@Dan Cole Ah, yes, it just needs a bit more height there. That area actually is the make it or break it spot, if there is not a fixed height then the boxes have chance to all be different heights.
  11. http://wsfive.com/bs-master/index.php?cPath=3_10 I believe this one is ready, I did a lot of tweaking and have tested on iphone and works well, even with two grids side by side. If selecting grid in mobile, it looks much like the new products module, but choose list and you get a few more details. Added 2 keys to ht_ module, default grid in desktop view and default in mobile. Use can select from 1 to four for desktop, and 1 or 2 for mobile. I'll be committing after I triple check it twice.
  12. Today Im going to take out the fancy css that makes everything move when switching views, consolidate the css down as tight as possible and then commit. I'll post back when the changes are done
  13. @@Dan Cole , thanks for checking it. I think you may be viewing a cached copy - Im getting things to stack now in mobile grid. I think in actuallity, certian items in the grid need to just hide in mobile view, Im just trying to leave them all on to begin with. The price in list view, by default it would set next to the buy button, but I tweaked the css just a bit to show proof of concept that each element can actually be moved around to diffrent areas. It gives a lot of flexibility for when a shop owner wants to have a certian look. Every item is inside its own wrapper, which in part gives it the ability to be placed anywhere inside the thumbnail. I do agree that the mobile should be limited to just a single listing per row, but I'm trying to think ahead for that store owner who is going to insist that there be at least 2 products side by side :) It doesnt need to be set that way for default, but at least the inner workings can be there.
  14. I changed some of the responsive styling if anyone wants to check it out
  15. I see the issues with double boxes in small viewport - and they can be remedied by changing the width in responsive mode, I'll put some fixes in for them shortly. I do agree that it is probably best to have a single display in small viewports rather than double, but depending how much is turned on to actually display, double could work out. A seperate class is used for responsive viewports, so its really very simple to change it to show 1 item per row. What may look good is to hide the switch for grid/list and keep it at 1 product per row.
  16. @@altoid Thanks for looking, but I havent touched the new products yet - it will be next if @@burt is hapy with the product listing module. I did notice that the new products display looks pretty good with the default layout in osc_template.php of columns set @ -2 and main content set @ -8 But when I change it to column @ -3 and main content @ -6 it gets the hanging cliff effect. What I wrapped around the product_listing layout will remedy that cliff effect. The css and such I used is not dependent on bootstrap, so it can be an osC exclusive :thumbsup:
  17. @@Dan Cole Awesome - should be corrected now. I left some css out of the responsive list view.
  18. I took a copy of the Master, and placed it inline with changes to the product listings. http://wsfive.com/bs-master/products_new.php Please report how it works out in different views, right now is set to use 2 product per row in grid view, this can easily be changed to show up to 4, and responsive view can also be seperately set up to show up to 4. This is only set up on the pages that use the product_listing module, not for the new products module.
  19. Cleaned up the table and pushed to git, shouldnt need the order_confirmation css anymore
  20. @@burt Looks very good. Easy flow, not to long. Where do the comments left go? Do the boxes stack in responsive mode?
  21. Ive been working on the product listing layout, havent committed to git yet, but looking for some input from folks. So far its set up much like Burt's demo, but the html wrapping it all has been redone for responsive design. (With less code too) So far seems to work flawlessly at any size. But there be a couple of issues to deal with: 1) These may need to go into product listing options of configuration, or a header_tag module: Default layout: grid or list Allow customer to switch the layout: true or false How many grids across desktop/tablet view : select from 1 to 4 <-- 3 in default osC 3 column layout, 3 is a bit crammed but if left or right column is removed, then up to 4 can look good. How many grids across in mobile device view: select from 1 to (4?) <-- 4 is possible, but anything over 2 is not really practical show average review rating: true or false 2) These options seem to have been took out of the demo: (temporarily I assume?) Display Product Manufacturer Name Display Product Model Display Product Quantity Display Product Weight Display Buy Now column Obviously we want to show the name and price - though by default the configuration allows it to be turned off, but Maybe I should code in that and all the above options so people have the control they are familiar with. However there will no longer be a sort option, if its on; its on; the CSS would control placement 3) Microformats This would be considered an item-list and type is product. Great way to show every bit of detail in the markup.
  22. Oddly enough I ran into just this problem on a clients site today, same error returned no matter what card, test number, or expiration date; etc; etc; The store owner had recently changed the transaction key for using elsewhere and did not realize it needed updating in the stores settings.
  23. Are you trying using an actual card or the test numbers? Lately I believe they changed their test numbers as the ones printed in the module description no longer seem to work. Nothing special to setting it up, everything you mentioned is all. You may need to consult with your rep and make sure they activated you.
  24. First in a long time Ive recently seen PayPal orders disappear! Issue fixed with a new order holding module, logs only orders that do not see past checkout_confirmation. Thanks to the modular structure now used in osC, it installs with only the module and 1 line of code.

    1. joli1811


      Had last week x 2 although through ebay x 1 had no details on paypal mail the 2nd no paypal payment email at all some type of paypal glitch

    2. GLWalker


      That's what I was trying to blame it on, I feel it is more PP than anything, but what a hassle when the store owner gets called up 2 weeks later by a disgruntled customer.

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      Not had this one yet - only the totals problem

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