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    Just checked again on an older site running it. You can build the categorie banner with image, this site is running with SSL on, I used the same file on my site with SSL off and no image.
  2. GLWalker


    I noticed earlier I was having a problem showing the product image without SSL. The changes fixed that. Ok, I just looked at build_cat on my site. The link is working after changing HTTPS to HTTP, BUT I dont have a category image either. I did some changes, but am getting nowhere yet. If I find a solution I will post it. Other than the HTTPS changes, my file is the same as original.
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    I was having the same problem, it works on a site with SSL. But without the SSL the image/banner wont show up. So in 4 files-- affiliate_banners_build.php affiliate_banners_build_cat.php affiliate_banners_category.php affiliate_banners_product.php find all instances of . HTTPS_SERVER . DIR_WS_CATALOG . and replace with . HTTP_SERVER . DIR_WS_CATALOG .
  4. I am very abusive to this cart. If only the .htaccess were paper and I had a match.
  5. It does work with information pages, I use it on a few sites. I just had that one lil glitch when writing a page with PR in the title.
  6. Exactly. I thought it was interesting though. Wonder how im going to sell the letter p now?
  7. Ive got one for you FWR. I found this by chance. I was using information pages to create a page called about PR. So, the url looks like http://mysite.com/about-pr-i-18.html Guess what happens?
  8. GLWalker

    Header Tags SEO

    What I had done previous to header tags SEO, was redo all the original articles header tags controller to format the same as the latest version of header tags controller. So there was no seperate header tags function for articles. When the header tags SEO was released, I just went through out it and duplicated categories into topics, products into articles, and manufacturers into authors. Then placed it all under the original functions. In admin/header_tags_seo I added the extra check boxs for topics and authors. I added the extra defines into the database table. Think it was a total of 4 more. And I did make a seperate file for filling the topics, articles and authors at once. I didnt have any problems with having to add any extra code to application top, as I already had it running as part of header tags 2.6 with no seperation between it and articles. I did at first get a blank page though, in the code for includes/header_tags.php i wrote some new code a p.articles_ instead of a.articles I found that and it works great. You can see it in action here: http://stopscabies.com It reflects all the topic and article info great.
  9. Do you have prevent spider sessions set to true in the admin under sessions?
  10. GLWalker

    Header Tags SEO

    Just wanted to say,this is truely an awesome piece ofwork! Definitely a must have. Ive been tweaking on it a couple days and have been able to integrate it with article manager, creating a seperate file for filling in the articles info just as you do the product info. All other files and databases only had to have the extra functions added to them. I use page manager to add text to several pages in mysite, and this mod even pulls the descriptions and keywords out of there too. I was really impressed to see it also pulled some of my footer text. This is probally one of the most important mods you could have for your shop. The search engines just have to love this. I bet if you wanted to pay someone for a mod like this you would have to drop at least a couple hundred. Excellent work Jack. Thank you! :thumbsup:
  11. GLWalker

    Header Tags SEO

    Your going to have to search for bits and peices and put it together from there, whatever changes you see were made with the original code, you should try to format to your new code on anything you addon. Its the price you pay for one of "those" templates. And you will more than likely have to do this kind of code search for anything you want to install. But dont give up, itcan be done with justa bit of double checking. I would start by searching for : $category['categories_image'], $category['categories_name'], Then work your way around it. Unfortunately these "template factorys" rape osc users, they apply templates in the easiest, quickest way possible, overwrite the stylesheet, and leave a horrible mess of code. And in doing that they leave the end user with just a basic oscommerce shop that is a pain in the but to update becuase of their trivial changes that do not follow any of the osc code standards. What makes it really so bad is the fact that with just a few changes to the main body table and columns and boxes, you can have prctically any template design you want and still keep your core code intact.
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    Header Tags SEO

    Wnated to confirm this block of code: In catalog/includes/header_tags.php Lines 65 & 66 read: case (basename($PHP_SELF)==FILENAME_PRODUCT_REVIEWS_INFO): $filename = FILENAME_PRODUCT_REVIEWS; break; case (basename($PHP_SELF)==FILENAME_PRODUCT_REVIEWS_WRITE): $filename = FILENAME_PRODUCT_WRITE; break; Is that correct? Or should it be: case (basename($PHP_SELF)==FILENAME_PRODUCT_REVIEWS_INFO): $filename = FILENAME_PRODUCT_REVIEWS_INFO; break; case (basename($PHP_SELF)==FILENAME_PRODUCT_REVIEWS_WRITE): $filename = FILENAME_PRODUCT_REVIEWS_WRITE; break;
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    Header Tags SEO

    As always, Great work Jack. I installed this from the update file last night, everything went smooth. This thing is awesome! However, you did leave out a few things in the upgrade instructions --- uploading the social bookmark module and overwriting the includes/headertags.php and includes/functions headertags.php Nothing anyone thats already installed the previous version cant figure out. Thanks
  14. GLWalker

    contact short captcha v1-2

    No, the sessions table is a stock osc table. I wouldnt know without digging into the mod. You might consider using this mod instead: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1237 it does the same is is ready to go with a lot of other add ons.
  15. GLWalker

    contact short captcha v1-2

    Crap, just realized your using a different version. Im using anti-robot reg. Sorry, maybe it works simular though, is there a database table that works with yours that stores a session id?
  16. GLWalker

    contact short captcha v1-2

    Not sure that this will work for you, but I once had a problemwithit not showing, and this is what I did. Go to your phpMyadmin, click on the table for anti_robotreg and delete the contents, not the table, just the contents. Let me know if that works. Your getting an image at least, when I had a problem before I wasnt even getting that, so I dont know if the same solution will work.
  17. GLWalker

    Asigned Product ID's

    In the admin under configuration/my store, there is a switch for displaying cart after adding product
  18. There are literally hundreds of post in this forum that address exactly what you inquire of. Why don't you search the forums rather than post redundant questions in such a demanding way. Maybe your whole point of this topic was to find someone to pick a fight with? The obvious is not hard to see.
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    Few Addons Im Looking For

  20. GLWalker

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    I just looked at this and Its a very nice addon. It really will add a professional touch to any store. I like that it doesnt have to create any extra database table like some other one does. Thanks for giving us this.
  21. GLWalker

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Yesterday I installed ver 2.7.1 Everything went fine for the most part, I added the sort order functions and then followed all the instances of price to use for a guide to add weight as well. It all worked great, untill I went to create a template, no price or weight updates with the template, they do insert into the database, but they dont get called back to the product page. So luckily ver 2.8 came out last night with a fix for this issue and the price. I used a compare program to find the differences then merged them over, for your reference if your having these problems, I found the changes to be located in includes/attributeManagerUpdateAtomic.inc.php and javascript/attributeManager.js Just a couple lines in each file. I also had a problem with it originally trying to write to the am_attributes_to_templates table so I just wrote the SQL and inserted it manually to avoid that problem, here is that bit of code in case it helps, you may have to modify the weight and sort order to match what you already use, or just drop them completly if you dont use those: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `am_attributes_to_templates`; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `am_attributes_to_templates` ( `template_id` int(5) unsigned NOT NULL, `options_id` int(5) unsigned NOT NULL, `option_values_id` int(5) unsigned NOT NULL, `price_prefix` char(1) NOT NULL default '', `options_values_price` decimal(15,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000', `options_values_weight` decimal(5,3) NOT NULL default '0.000', `attribute_sort` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', KEY `template_id` (`template_id`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;
  22. GLWalker

    Few Addons Im Looking For

    Are you serious? Thats a defualt example listing. Search the contributions for cross sell and x sell.
  23. GLWalker

    Send As Gift with Custom Text

    There is an excellent code for doing just what you want inside this book. http://www.packtpub.com/inside-oscommerce/book
  24. GLWalker

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I had many problems with the edit order page showing up completly blank when you go to edit an order with an existing product, or if you create a new order the page would go blank after you add the product. The problem was coming from the free shipping for xxxx amount shipping module (not the order total module). I turned it off and now the editor works fine.