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  1. OK this was the first ever install of Links Manager V1.9 Ive read the forums and changed the code in the admin/includes/split_page_results as stated earlier. The error did not change. I think I may have messed up after running the links_setup.php I then used the update text file to search for and change the table in mysql. Becuase an error showed up there. Can anyone help me with a simple solution or should I delete my database , then restore it and run the setup file again? It looks like stevemitch2 already tried with no success. Do I need to over right all the files for this contribution ? Warning: Division by zero in /home/ravenvie/public_html/admin/includes/classes/split_page_results.php on line 33 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'MAX_LINKS_DISPLAY' at line 1 select l.links_id, l.links_url, l.links_image_url, l.links_date_added, l.links_last_modified, l.links_status, l.links_clicked, ld.links_title, ld.links_description, l.links_contact_name, l.links_contact_email, l.links_reciprocal_url, l.links_status from links l left join links_description ld on l.links_id = ld.links_id where l.links_status = '4' and ld.language_id = '1' order by ld.links_title limit 0, MAX_LINKS_DISPLAY