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  1. Just wanna say thanks. Awesome contrib. Makes my thumbnails look how they should. If i was to make any comments, the HTML instructions could do with adjustments in layout and explaination in a few areas. More than most osC hackers can easily understand them, which is all thats really needed. Uhm handling of w/h values passed to the script, do they need to be globals? not that it matters once again, coz its server generated code. But when using images that dont fit the ratio of the w/h values you have set, you end up with category or 'last viewed items' boxes that arnt very grid aligned. I know thats neither here nor there, but appearance matters. If you get bored on improvements to make, theres a few things to focus on. All in all, thanks heaps, made short work out of a mod id otherwise have just started writing for myself. cheers.
  2. Devz

    dob dropdown

    Very nice, compact addon module. Props to the creator, and subsequently revisors that fixed up the install instructions. Good work+