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  1. Near the quoted code block in create_account.php is the following code, which is active when a new customer is to receive a coupon. In my case the coupon_id is 30 and defined in my /local/config.php. It appears to me that the first code block below is incorrect because it has no sprintf() command. The result is that new customers receive email with a bare '%s' in it (if EMAIL_COUPON_INCENTIVE_HEADER is define with a string parameter). $email_text .= EMAIL_COUPON_INCENTIVE_HEADER . "\n\n" . $coupon_desc['coupon_description'] . sprintf(EMAIL_COUPON_REDEEM, $coupon['coupon_code']) . "\n\n" . "\n\n"; The following code block looks more proper, but it does not do what I intend either. Rather than a bare '%s' the result in its place is nothing. I think what I should expect is the coupon description. In my case, coupon_code resolves to the correct name for my coupon_id and I have a coupon_description in my database. $email_text .= sprintf(EMAIL_COUPON_INCENTIVE_HEADER, $coupon_desc['coupon_description']) . "\n\n" . sprintf(EMAIL_COUPON_REDEEM, $coupon['coupon_code']) . "\n\n"; On further investigation, it appears that the query is incorrect for coupon_desc_query. The first line below does not reference 'languages_id' and it seems to work OK. The next line that is commented out is the original. $coupon_desc_query = tep_db_query("select * from " . TABLE_COUPONS_DESCRIPTION . " where coupon_id = '" . $coupon_id . "'"); // $coupon_desc_query = tep_db_query("select * from " . TABLE_COUPONS_DESCRIPTION . " where coupon_id = '" . $coupon_id . "' and language_id = '" . languages_id . "'"); It's probably that this has been fixed. If so, probably better than this. Please let me know. Mark
  2. What is the best way to add a membership feature using Credit Class that is restricted by categories/products? For instance a 10% discount for members, but only for category 12. No discount for customers who are not members. Members are those who have paid a fee.
  3. Question. We are importing members into OSC from another store. Members get a discount on certain categories of products. Is the way to do this to generate a coupon for each member with the proper attributes (e.g., discount percentage, categories, stop-date, etc.)? Then each member would enter their personalized coupon code at checkout?
  4. This was it exactly. Thanks so much for your reply.
  5. Sorry, I posted outside of this topic by mistake. Please see message http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...p=224959#224959
  6. I'm testing 22MS2 with the latest credit/gv system. I've updated from 21MS and have the PO contribution. When someone has credit through a voucher, it cannot not be redeemed. I think there is to be a radio button near the credit-card and PO buttons and above the Redeem box, but I don't see that. Note that I can use the Redeem button to add to my total credit, I just can't use my credit. What works: I can issue and redeem vouchers. Amounts collect in the right-box and the e-mail part works. The admin features for queue, etc also work. I have a membership coupon (20% discount) that also works--automatically takes off 20% for a particular category of products. That's nice! I've double-checked that I have all of the 22MS2 code and the newest credit/gv code. I'm not sure what to check next.