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  1. that dunwebs one looked good, but i never could get it to work myself.
  2. mouschi

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    this looks like a great contrib, but I'm having issues with what to do with the files. What files go where? I have done all of the updates in the install.txt, and ran the sql file, but what do I do with the other files? I see catalog has a number of new files, but also has files that potentially could overwrite what I just did in the install.txt file. What do I do?
  3. My client wants to try one out, but after reading, it looks like there are tons out there that don't work. Which one works fine?
  4. I asked the authorize.net folks if they could set the timeout further out because my client is getting very upset with having these issues. They said they wouldn't, but menitoned: what you will want to do is make sure that the response back to Authorize.Net is the very first thing your website does, even if it's some simple text like, "Processing, Please Wait." Is there a pre-written code fix or something out there that I can apply? At a loss here! Many thanks in advanced!
  5. I was happy to see there was one, but the problem is this: I set it up correctly and it gives no errors whatsoever if something is input wrong. If everything is right, it goes through correctly as well but no money is transacted. Help!
  6. mouschi

    Customer Add Product

    Great mod, but how the heck do you all keep records of who sells what? Currently, it looks like there is no way to have the customer who added the item to be notified if someone purchased, and there is no elegant way to show what was sold on the admin side. ANy thoughts?
  7. mouschi

    Chase Manhattan Bank?

    I am setting up a website for a company that will be using Chase Manhattan Bank to process the credit cards. They say they do the processing in house for over the internet use. Is there a module available to do this, or am I missing a step? Thanks! Tanner ><>
  8. Here is what I am trying to do: A product will be a certain level number (say level 1) and product level 1 means that it shows different pricing for users depending upon what user level they are. For example, user level 1 would be 100% of the full price but user level 2 could be 75% of the full price. For a product on level 2, user level 1 could be 90% and user level 2 could be 50% etc. Does that make sense??? Is there anything out there that does this already?