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  1. adironda

    Working Catalog

    I am looking for a printable catalog of my products that customers can print directly from website (oscommerce 2.2m) The catalog looks like it is loading up fine... it loads for a LONG time... then it comes back with this: Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site http://www.adirondacknutrition.com/print_c...3d55bbaf82288dd Operation Aborted my website is http://www.adirondacknutrition.com/ the link for the printable catalog is in left column near the bottom. Any help is appreciated. vr,
  2. adironda

    Working Catalog

    Are you saying this is a new version of oscommerce that has a catalog built in? I have 2.2 Milestone 2 already. (confused)
  3. adironda

    Working Catalog

    Do you have a link? vr,
  4. adironda

    Working Catalog

    Anyone recommend a catalog that actually works without a ton of bugs. I tried one of them and it "almost" works, but Im gettng some kind of error. Anyone know one that works?
  5. adironda

    JUST RELEASED! Printable Catalog

    Anyone else get this error?
  6. adironda

    JUST RELEASED! Printable Catalog

    I have installed the Catalog. When I go to my Main Page and click "Printable Catalog", it starts downloading... for quite some time, and seems to be doing fine, but after a few minutes, it gives me the following error: Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site http://www.adirondacknutrition.com/print_c...3d55bbaf82288dd Operation Aborted Any ideas on this? vr,
  7. adironda


    UPDATE: I got rid of the error, by replacing the UPS files with the updated UPS MOD contribution by Karen, but its still only give me the option to "Install".... so while it got rid of the error, I still have no UPS option. Anyone here ever have this problem or know how to fix this? Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
  8. adironda


    I installed UPS today... well, it didnt install correctly. And when you go to admin/modules it only has the option to Install. Its ALREADY installed! This is the error I get now during checkout: United Parcel Service An error occured with the UPS shipping calculations. Invalid ShipperPostalCode If you prefer to use UPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner. Anyone know how to fix this? <-stressed vr, volt
  9. adironda

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Scott, Awesome Contribution! I have been looking for an invoice that looked a bit more professional and showed the invoice and order number. PERFECT! NICE JOB! vr, Adirondack Nutrition.com
  10. adironda

    Shipping Made Easy?

    Ive been told Endicia is the way to go because it can also do International labels. The big thing with them is their flexibility Im told and the fact you can hide the postage. Some customers get upset if they see they paid $5.95 for shipping and it only cost you $1.55 or so... they dont seem to understand "handling"... the fact that it takes actual work to put the product in the envelope, make up the labels, pay for packaging materials, etc... hiding the postage is a big thing. Im still trying to figure out how to add Priority Shipping, Im told the USPS, UPS options dont work even if you have an account, though i have not tried it myself.
  11. adironda

    Priority Shipping

    How do I add an option for Priority Shipping? Im told that the Table Rate module needs to be modified and maybe some other php files... but Im not the greatest at php. I can do only basic editing. I couldnt find anything in contributions. Does anyone have this worked out already? Any advice greatly appreciated! vr,
  12. adironda

    Over $200.00 is a percentage

    I had the same question, but for Priority Shipping. I dont see how that was missed. I have heard that to do this, a new module has to be created by modifying the table rate module... but Im not sure how to do this, especially me not being a PhP expert.