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  1. High kudos to @@stylesoft for an amazing attempt to solve a never ending challenge for shop owners and their customers. I was ecstatic to find this contribution and eager to install until I realized that the support forum isn't being monitored. Has anyone found a similar contribution that works well and for which the support forum is being monitored? Appreciate any guidance!
  2. AllThingsTrendy

    modification paypal SHA 256

    @@Jack_mcs Once again, thanks for taking the time to provide guidance to all of us who just wish we understood all of this stuff!!! :thumbsup: :) :beers: :thumbsup: Having you, and some of the other forum members who so graciously expend your personal time and effort helping the rest of us, makes the OSC solution manageable and enjoyable by those of us who are less technically inclined. You guys are truly appreciated!
  3. AllThingsTrendy

    Newsletters & Subscribers OSC 2.3

    RE my previous post... I have discovered that the lack of a return-path on the emails is not the result of the Newsletter and Subscribers or Bulk Email code. It is happening on all of our email. Thus, I have posted that question within the General Support forum. However, I'm still baffled that only a fraction of our recipients are receiving the email. Hopefully someone has encountered and resolved this previously. Thanks, David
  4. AllThingsTrendy

    Newsletters & Subscribers OSC 2.3

    I installed this contribution and it is only sending email to a very small percentage of my subscribers. I can see from our server mail logs that a few dozen received the email. After that, nothing. I have the bulk mailer set to limit 8 emails every 12 seconds. Thus there, should be no timeouts. I dug into the emails that were sent an I have discovered that none of them include a return-path and thus, they are all being flagged as being sent from anonymous@allthingstrendy.com . Does anyone have a clue how / were we set the return-path. Sending emails without it is sure to get us thrown onto the spam black list. Thanks for any advice! Dave
  5. @@Robydem and @@kymation , has anyone gotten this to work on V2.3? I used this on my old V2.2 site and it was a staple function for our customers and our sales agents working with customers to identify the perfect matching accessories. I have installed this in my development environment which perfectly matches our new site. Unfortunately, I can not get it to work. Our site does not utilize columns in the normal manner but that is OK. I'll figure out how to display the recently viewed items within our left column once I am able to get them to display at the bottom of the product_info.php which is proving to be quite problematic. Jim ( @@kymation ) Within a previous post (#156), on July 6, 2011, another member mentioned a code issue regarding prices and tax. Your response indicated that you did not agree with that assessment. Within the contribution download page, another member uploaded a "fix" for prices and taxes on January 22, 2009. Yet, I don't find any indication that you concur with that modification. I have utilized many of your contributions and relied heavily on your many many responses within the forums. Thus, I just want to make sure that the "fixes" uploaded to the contribution page after your last "full package" are appropriate. I dug through each of them and I can confirm that some of the instructions within those additional "fixes" are quite unclear, one of them references an incorrect directory for file uploads, and another has deprecated PHP. I don't point out those issues as a critic; rather for two specific reasons... I need to determine if they are appropriate and correct, or if I should simply install your last full package from November 5, 2008. If I can confirm they are appropriate and correct, and get this working on my site to verify everything, I'll be happy to compile the last four modifications, fix the deprecated PHP and correct the instructions within a new "full package" (while also adding the missing screen shots) to make things easier for the next people wishing to install the add-on. As always, thanks for your help Jim (and others)!!!
  6. AllThingsTrendy

    View Counter

    @@Jack_mcs , it seems this just isn't my week! Have you had anyone encounter conflicts between View Counter and the Newsletter & Subscribers add-on; or more specifically, the Advanced Bulk Mailer that is now embedded? When I kicked off my newsletter, after a few moments, I received a nasty looking error that specifically identified View Counter and Newsletter. When I went to grab the error, I closed the window by mistake. I turned off View Counter and executed the newsletter distribution again and it seems to be running fine. Once t is done (will take several hours to complete), I'll turn View Counter back on and try to reproduce so I can grab the error. I can not reproduce within my development environment. Perhaps because I am only sending a few emails from that system rather than thousands. Thanks, Dave
  7. AllThingsTrendy

    View Counter

    @@Jack_mcs You're the best! Thank you so much for efforts on this. Did you get any impression as to whether that outage was a fluke or whether this could continue to be a problem going forward?
  8. AllThingsTrendy

    View Counter

    Jack, Thank you so much for quick reply. I have modified as suggested and everything seems to be working well. Now that the code is not checking the visitor's country code, does this mean that previously blocked country IPs now have access again? The code has blocked one specific country 47 times since I deployed our new site 10 days ago. That is a bit scary as I would not expect (nor send products to) visitors from that country. Will they now be able to get through? Thanks!!! David
  9. AllThingsTrendy

    View Counter

    Hi Jack, I'm not sure if anyone else's site has been getting brought to it's knees as a result of the following connection issue within View Counter? Our site was very slow and after it finally loaded, the following php error is shown. This error continued all morning. I had to comment out the View Counter code within includes/application_top.php. Is there a way around this so that if http://api.hostip.info is unreachable? Warning: file_get_contents(http://api.hostip.info/?ip= [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: Connection timed out in /home/allthing/www/www/includes/modules/view_counter_country_block.php on line 79 Thanks!
  10. AllThingsTrendy

    Mail Manager for OSC v2.3

    This sounds like a fantastic add-on that has been something I have wanted to customize for a very long time. I just upgraded my site and I need to replace my old Newsletter program. I am considering utilizing this Mail Manager. However, can someone please tell me if the newsletter feature of this add-on includes code that allows the recipients to unsubscribe so that we stay compliant with anti-spam requirements?
  11. AllThingsTrendy


    @@Jack_mcs , you continually amaze me with the incredible contributions you make available to all of us. I have utilized Site Monitor for years on my old site but haven't upgraded it since 2009. Thank you SO MUCH for the Version Checker contribution as well!!! This will help me keep all of these current. I installed SiteMonitor V3.2 yesterday in less than 30 minutes and had the crons running successfully soon after. That is quite revealing about the ease of installation for this one as I am not a seasoned developer. Simply having SiteMonitor helping me keep an eye on things take a load of stress off. Thank you!!! After installation, I have noticed that two of the settings on the configuration page seem to have a mind of their own. I did several tests and immediately after leaving the configuration page and returning, the "Delete Log File" setting was modified from 180 to 30. Also the "Delete Reference File" setting only accepts certain values. For kicks, I just set each to 33, saved, left the page, returned to the configuration page and both values are now showing 3. I am not absolutely positive what maximum values the code is expecting for each of these fields, but it seem that it wants a value between 1 - 9. If I enter a value with more than one digit such as 39, 92, or 153, it gets set to the last value (ie 9, 2 and 3 respectfully). If I enter any value that ends with a zero, the "Delete Log File" value is automatically set to 30 and the "Delete Reference File" is set to blank. My apologies is this has been reported already... but I did search this thread without finding any mention of the issue. I also realize it doesn't make sense to keep the reference file for more than about nine days, and more than 30 days of log files is not of much value. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the code was automatically adjusting my entries at first and thus, I suspect others will not either. Thus, a suggestion would be to allow users to select the number of days from a drop down list so that they can never enter an unacceptable value and SiteMonitor function differently than expected. The above isn't a complaint... only a suggestion. It's impossible to complain about something that is free. Not to mention something as incredibly helpful as SiteMonitor. Thanks Jack!!!
  12. Jim, I added those line breaks because the forum post appeared to cause the entry to require scrolling Below is the actual...
  13. Jim, Thank You for the updated module file! I do utilize two PayPal modules with this template although I don't know if I was have any issues as a result. Unfortunately, I still haven't tweaked the module properly as it is still acting up. I suspect it has something to do with this template and I am hoping you or someone can help me figure this out; even if I need to hire you. Since this isn't a truly standard OSC, I feel even worse about posting questions for free support. Here's the problem: After I "fixed" the previous problem, this new issue appeared whereas the shipping types, weight ranges, and rates are not appearing in the proper fields within the admin UI (see screen captures within the attached usps_methods_2.png). In hope of someone being able to easily see the issue, I'll paste the details of the two modifications to modules.php. Instructions for Modification #1 to modules.php Actual Modification #1 to modules.php Code After Modification Instructions for Modification #2 to modules.php Actual Modification#2 to modules.php Code After Modification
  14. Jim, I figured it out. I made a mistake. Instead of replacing the following line in modules.php, I left it and just copied the new code after. $contents[] = array('text' => '<br>' . $keys); Sorry for the false alarm!
  15. AllThingsTrendy

    CONTRIBUTION Social Login with Facebook / Google 2.3.1/2

    Is this support thread still active?