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  1. travisb

    change site colors?

    Thanks. I know how and what to change in the CSS file. I was hoping to find a GUI for the client to use so they can pick and choose colors whenever they like without having to manually edit the CSS file. Does anyone know if something like that is available?
  2. My client likes to change the site colors on a pretty frequent basis. Is there a contribution that will allow someone to change the colors that are normally in the CSS without the user having to manually edit the CSS file? I looked through the contributions but nothing stood out. Thanks for your help. Travis
  3. travisb

    Product Extra Fields v1.3c

    I think the problem may be here with the instructions: I have case 'update_product' around line 220 but the $languages = tep_get_languages(); section mentioned above with the draw hidden fields doesn't show up until around line 790. I do not think that is the correct place. Can someone help me find the correct part of the file?
  4. travisb

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I don't see any syntax errors. The only problem I see is that your images are not loading. Try using the full path for your images. Instead of this <img src="Images/AA_01.jpg" Try something like this <img src="http://www.vermoolen.com/catalog/Images/AA_01.jpg"
  5. travisb

    Extra fields for products

    Ruchira, Were you able to get the Product Extra Fields contribution to insert the field values into the database? I have been searching for help with this for days. Please see my message at: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=183405 I can add the extra fields, but when I go to a product to type the details of the field, they do not get added to the database. Could you please send me your categories.php file? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Travis
  6. travisb

    Product Extra Fields v1.3c

    Does anyone have a plain admin/categories.php with only a working version of the Product Extra Fields that they would be willing send to me? Or maybe if you have done it before just create a new one? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Travis
  7. travisb

    Product Extra Fields v1.3c

    Does anyone have a plain admin/categories.php with only a working version of the Product Extra Fields that they would be willing to let me have? I have redone mine several times and it is not working. Thanks, Travis
  8. Here is a link to my admin/categories.php file: http://omega-tek.com/osc/categories.php.txt I'm using Product Extra Fields v1.3c and I have tried redoing this file several times with no luck. I can create the extra fields and see the fields listed on the product page in the admin. When I preview what I have entered for the product I can see the data for the extra fields, but once I submit them they do not get inserted into the database. I am not seeing any error messages. Can someone familiar with this contribution please take a look at the link above and see if they can find something wrong? Or if you know of a fix let me know. Thanks, Travis
  9. I have had this contribution installed for a while now. However, I have one problem I have been unable to solve. Whenever someone fills in a text field, the text they entered shows up in the cart, but it does not show the "name" of the text field in the cart or in the admin. This gets confusing when you have more than 1 text field available per product. Take a look at this link and enter some text into the fields. You will see that the drop-down field names are listed in the cart, but not the text ones. http://www.shophsj.com/product_info.php/cP.../products_id/65 Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks, Travis
  10. Here is the link to the file: http://home.comcast.net/~travisbarden/shopping_cart.html
  11. Ok, I got a solution to this problem from bruyndoncx. Thanks again bruyndoncx!
  12. Thank you very much bruyndoncx. :D :D :D I thought I had the email notification turned on, or else I would have replied, and had the solution, last week. We are very excited to have this working now. Thanks again, Travis
  13. Still looking for help with this. I am willing to offer money to someone who knows this solution. (if we are allowed to do that here)
  14. Does anyone know of a solution to this problem? I really need to get this fixed.
  15. I am using the Product Attributes - Option Type Feature contribution and need a little help. I have some text boxes with value prices added. Does anyone know how to get the Value Price added to the product in the shopping cart if the text box is filled out? Right now, the option shows up in the cart, but the option price is not added to the product price.