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  1. clearasmud

    Cart Information in Header

    Actually, this is problem is worse than I thought. Sometimes the total in header shows 2 items, sometimes 3 items, and sometimes 0 items, depending on what page I'm on. Does anybody know what I need to do. I guess I'll start by removing the contribution code. Thanks.
  2. clearasmud

    Cart Information in Header

    Thanks for the contrib. This was very easy to install. However, I'm having a problem. My shopping cart still shows up even if I comment out the shopping_cart file in column_right. I think this is because of a cache contrib I installed (I don't know for sure) that has the following code in colulmn_right.php: if ($cart->count_contents() > 0) { if (!tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') && ENABLE_PAGE_CACHE == 'true' && class_exists('page_cache') ) { echo "<%CART_CACHE%>"; } else { // require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'shopping_cart.php'); } } So, I commented out the above code and everything seemed to be working, but it still isn't quite right. If I add an item to my cart, it shows up correctly in the header, but if I click on catalog in my header, which takes me back to my first page with the list of categories, 1 item is subtracted from my total items in the header. For example, if I am adding the 4th item to my cart, but I go back to my first catalog page (1 item will subtracted out of the total. But, if I click on 3 items in the header (which is what now shows to be my total number of items), I go to the shopping cart page and the 4 items show, which is actually the correct total that I added. I don't know if it has something to do with the cache contribution or not. In fact, I don't know if I have messed anything up by removing the above code from column_right. Anybody have any ideas about this. Thanks.
  3. Tim, Thanks for all your assistance. I found the problem. Duh! After I commented out the check as you suggested in an earlier email, unfortunately I chose an account that was NOT a "PWA" account. So, of course, it didn't work correctly. Commenting out the check does work for PWA accounts. You've been a great help! By the way, what's your trick on successfully searching the forum for topics? The forum has a lot of good information, but sometimes I just can't seem to find the information I'm looking for. It can be overwhelming. Thanks again.
  4. Tim, Thanks for sharing this information, but when I make this change I get the page that asks me to select from the 3 choices: new account, customer login, or proceed directly to checkout. At the top is this message: PWA_FAIL_ACCOUNT_EXISTS Note: Your "Visitors Cart" contents will be merged with your "Members Cart" contents once you have logged on. [More Info Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. I installed PWA contrib and thought it was working correctly, but when I try to checkout and enter an email address that was already previously entered I get the following message: "Your E-Mail Address already exists in our records - please log in with the e-mail address or create an account with a different address." I am forced to put a different email address before I can proceed. I thought the PWA contrib provides the ability for repeat customers -- that it wouldn't matter if that email address had been entered before. I checked the database table and purchase without account field is set to 1. What am I missing? Thanks.
  6. clearasmud

    Country-State Selector

    When I unzipped the downloaded files with winzip, both files in the PWA/catalog folder were shown to be 25K and when I opened each one up the top lines indicated the name of the files were create_account.php. Based on the similarities, I thought that perhaps the files had accidentally been duplicated. As I look into the file more, I see that the files are different sizes. Thanks for making the modifications to support PWA.
  7. clearasmud

    Country-State Selector

    I just installed the latest country-state selector that includes support for PWA. However, I noticed that the provided create_account.php and Order_Info.php files are the same. I have looked through the forums and I don't find that this has been identified (but I may have missed it). Please advise.
  8. I misunderstood -- I thought you were indicating that the php files needed to be changed. Thanks for your response.
  9. I revised categories.php again, and now everything appears to work fine except I get the same message about chmod. What do you mean the above files need to be changed? Thanks.
  10. clearasmud

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    This contribution seems to be an easy one to install, but I am having problems. I made all changes per instructions, but I received error message that appeared to be a dump of the instructions with a message that there was a missing function. Anyway, because it was late I decided to just go back to what I had prior to changes. So, since I had saved all files -- the two usps.php files, modules.php, and general.php, I deleted the files from the contribution and copied the original files back in. Now I get the following messages: I can't get back to where I was, although I copied the original files back into the directories. I don't know what to do.
  11. Thank you very much for answering all of my questions. I will try installing the contribution again and hopefully this time all will be well. I wonder if whatever is wrong has caused the problem I described in an earlier post (see below). Thanks again for your timely responses.
  12. Okay, I guess I will try to start over with the installation of the header tags. I can't imagine what would be wrong, because from outward appearances everything seems to be working correctly. Just when you dealve further, you see problems. The catalog.txt installation instructions say "Make changs in "README to operate.txt." I did not see any reference to operate.txt in any of the README files nor did I see operate.txt. I just assumed this was associated with an old instruction and no longer was needed. Do you know what this is in reference to? I have a few other questions: 1) I shouldn't have to start over with the database, right? The fields have been added to the database, so there should be no need for me to start over with a clean database. ?? 2) Can you explain what the fields in the database do in comparison to what the keywords, title, etc. entered in english/header_tags.php. 3) Assuming I get everything working correctly, do I need to resubmit to the search engines so they pick up new tags? Thanks.
  13. I made the changes, but the field is still not updating. I sure would like to use this, but I can't . In the meantime, I guess I will go into phpAdmin and update the database field directly. I assume the field should have commas between keywords, i.e., keyword1 (,) keyword2. ?? Thanks.
  14. I think I may have found the problem -- I'm not sure. I looked in admin/header_tags.php and I found the following: <td align="center"><?php echo (tep_image_submit('button_update.gif', IMAGE_UPDATE) ) . ' <a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_SEO_ASSISTANT, '') .'">' . '</a>'; ?></td> However, I've looked in filename.php (both to make sure) and I don't see this file defined anywhere and I don't see any reference to a SEO_Assistant file in the contribution instructions. Did I miss something? Thanks.
  15. This field in products_description is where I have been looking all along, and the keywords are not being added to this field. It looks like fill_tags.php put keywords in this field, but none of the keywords I have added in admin -- header tags -- text control have been added to the field in products_description. I'm just grasping at straws, but could it be permission setting to update the database. I wouldn't thing this would be it because fill_tags apparently updated the field. Any idea what I need to do? Thanks.