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  1. As many of you have a great experience in installing contributions please sugest me the order I should try to install the following cotrib.: 1. STS 2. Fast Easy Checkout 3. Recover Cart Sales 4. Header Tags Controller 5. Easy Populate. I'm not sure in which order I should install them and more important, if there is any conflict between any of them. I think these are the basic contributions but if I missed one please let me know. Thank you! B)
  2. vasile

    Contrib Installer

    YES, Thank you!!! It works. When I try to install All_Products-2.8 I get the message: I need write permission for: /home/www/free/mysite.com How do I change permission for my site? The CHMOD option is disabled!!! it works for the other files/folders... :huh:
  3. vasile

    Contrib Installer

    This is really strange... Please advise me!!! 1. made the directory ...admin/contributions 2. copied the Contrib Installer files/folders in /admin 3. copied unziped contribution packages in /contributions in their folders 3. went to .../admin/contrib_installer.php (in web address) 4. it shows a page "Initialize Contrib Installer" and there is the Contribution Directory ...admin/contributions 5. continue 6. I need write permission for .../admin/contributions/Contrib_Installer_1.0.3 I copied the Contrib_Installer_1.0.3 in /contributions and set CHMOD 777 but I still get the same error... 7. only BACK ? ? ? What is wrong? I tried many times/ways but I have no idea about what I should do next... Please advise me!!! :(