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    THe instructions ?

    Okay I just installed FEC (Fast Easy Checkout 3.2) My concern is about the instruction at the bottom of the ReadMe file. As follows: Once you've completed the steps above, you have two ways to change which 'create_accountX.php' page your checkout process uses. You can either rename your current 'create_account.php' to 'create_account_old.php' and then rename the approriate 'create_accountX.php' to 'create_account.php' -OR- You can go to 'includes/filenames.php' and change the value of 'FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT' to reflect the appropriate form. In addition, there are options at the top of each of the 'create_accountX.php' pages to make various things happen, edit as you need to. I rename the original create_account to create_account-old and rename create_account2 to create_account. I try during a checkout but when I hit continue from the first page of the checkout process I get HTTP 404 page cannot be found. It was looking for create_account2 ! THe file I just change to create_account. I got the same when I decided to use create_account1. After I advance from the first page in the checkout process I got HTTP 404 page not found. I was looking for create_account1. Am I missing something. I already spent about 2 hours searching out this problem. Please HELP... Thanks.