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  1. thanks, but i didnt get any answer in that thread. I had post my question in that thread before I started this thread , bump for the last time.
  2. please help.. I installed osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2 before confirming an order, i have a total amount like this but when passing to paypal logon page, it shows seems it lost the tax on the products, any ideas? ? i dont have ccgv ... thanks !
  3. fayenet

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    please help.. before confirm order, i have total amount like this but when passing to paypal logon page, it shows any ideas? ? i dont have ccgv ... thanks !
  4. YES , I just got it work !!! in the zip file, the "indivship.php" file was in the includes/languages/modules/shipping/ folder. i copied it to the includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/ folder problem solved!! but then I got -TABLE_SHIPPING_METHODS error.. I followed crashwave's instruction, created the table, input the data 000000 ....and defined in the databaes_tables.php but the error was still there. then I quoted out the //product shipping ........... in categories.php it's finally working now!! THANK YOU Crashwave for your great contribution!
  5. i searched checkout_confirmation.php checkout_payment.php includes/classes/shipping.php includes/classes/shopping_cart.php includes/classes/order.php there's either no require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'shipping.php'); $shipping_modules = new shipping; or it's been quoted out. Sorry i m new to php. Post a screen copy, maybe it could help.... [
  6. Thanks crashwave I checked out my shipping.php , didn't find anything... the happens when I go to admin - > modules -> shipping. so I assume there's a error in shipping.php under /includes/classes/ , right ? here's the code, i didnt find the "indvship" was declared ....
  7. read above Post #173 Post #174
  8. THanks dfrb26dett. I did try to delete/quote out the "class indvship {var $code, $title, $description, $icon, $enabled, $shiptotal; }" in "includes/modules/shipping/indivship.php. but I got after that. where did you find the other "indivship" declaration? Thanks for helping .
  9. bump for this question thanks! . when i go to admin - modules - shipping , I got
  10. Thank you so much loveless Anyone knows how to slove problem 2?? Appreciate it.
  11. I've 3 problems. 1. when i go to admin => catalgo I got 2. when i go to admin - modules - shipping , I got 3. in the instruction.html step 3 (remember you need modify for your table) what should I modify here? anyone can help me? Thank you so much!