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    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Help with item list import. I am trying to import my item list. It is importing my inventory parts but not inventory assemblies. Can someone tell me where in the code I would change this so that it imports my inventory assemblies as well?
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    I am getting the following error. Does anyone have an ideas? 1146 - Table 'boorooag_p_os1.affiliate' doesn't exist select count(*) as count, sum(affiliate_value) as total, sum(affiliate_payment) as payment from affiliate sales [TEP STOP]
  3. these are the last few lines in the includes/database files define('TABLE_ZONES', 'zones'); define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_SHIPPING','products_shipping');//eof ?> This is correct, right? It is not working
  4. I am getting the following error: 1146 - Table 'boorooag_p_os1.TABLE_PRODUCTS_SHIPPING' doesn't exist select products_ship_methods_id, products_ship_zip from TABLE_PRODUCTS_SHIPPING where products_id = '0' [TEP STOP] I know the table exists - I added it per the instructions. I also modified the two database_tables files as instructed. Any ides?