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  1. goldcoastafrica

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    Thanks for the quick response. It turns out the `pcs_images` folder was not the problem. In my case, the `images` folder was located at a remote domain. Once restored back to the default `../catalog/images` the images appeared. Still having that problem with left side categories menu flying *behind* slide-show box, and would rather it flew above. Don't know if there is a solution.
  2. goldcoastafrica

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    Awesome contribution. Having same problem, images do not appear with same "Error1". Above suggestion did not help. I'm not using a template system. I'm on RC2a, PHP 5, MySQL 5.0. I do not understand the purpose of this boldfaced section of `products_cycle_slideshow.php`, Line 13: Any other ideas or suggestions?
  3. goldcoastafrica

    add a flat fee for the COD(Cash On Delivery) payment mod

    "Calculation of cash on delivery fees" contribution: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/801 a related post: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=32482
  4. goldcoastafrica

    Stuck at `checkout_shipping`

    Multi-Stores + Separate Pricing Per Customer installed. Fairly common problem: cannot get past `checkout_shipping` to `checkout_payment`, `checkout_shipping` keeps loading. Payment modules are installed. I've looked at `checkout_process.php`, `application_top.php`, `includes\classes\payment.php` and some other files, but can't find the problem. Any idea what it could be?