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  1. is building yet another osc shop...

  2. great stuff!! i was waiting for this type of contribution for long...had a look at QB Import but doesn't appeal me that much... before i try this contrib, can i know if this contrib for QB is for any particular quickbooks version? i'm using Quickbooks Premier 2006/07 and is Australian based software...will this work? anyhow, cheers to you!
  3. op_afif

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    nice!!! then it must be in my codes...or because i'm using RC1...incompatibility with RC1 or PHP5 support...or both of them...care to share your server settings?
  4. op_afif

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    refer to previous threads... change all sprint_f in that file to sprintf..that will fix the error prompt... however, if you have the problem of removing the option values, then dont worry...i have that problem too...some say its browser incompatibility...but i think its more in the codes...as there are actually no codes for removing the option values...read it on the installation file...the creator mentioned 'no removing of option values'. so i guess we have to create them... anyone with a fix on removing option values?